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Old 10-20-2019, 03:27 PM
PurpleKitty PurpleKitty is offline
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i'm not skinny and I have never gotten the chafing thing. I work out regularly and take public transit in our very hot and humid summers as well, combined with a lot of walking.

I have never noticed an issue and if anyone's getting that close it will be my husband, who would be unhappy with synthetic additions. He also has a big mouth and would say something.

Of course I wear cotton which helps a lot I think.

Admittedly I don't have man parts but my husband is OK and doesn't require anything. I don't get it. He spends far less time outside, though.
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Old 10-20-2019, 04:01 PM
Lagnar's Avatar
Lagnar Lagnar is offline
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I've used baby powder to flour the crotch of my bicycle riding shorts. I've used it to dust the inside of latex gloves to make them go on easier. I don't make it a point to snort it though.

I think a large number of these lawsuits are people just looking for a payday. Gotta find somebody to blame, usually somebody with deep pockets.

Not saying big corporations are pure as the driven snow. There's obvious malfeasance and then there's coincidence looking for correlation.

Correlation does not imply causation.

... between 2000 and 2009, the more mozzarella that Americans downed, the more doctorates in civil engineering that U.S. universities awarded. Over a 10-year period, as levels of one went up, so did the other. The two showed a strong positive correlation. Yet almost certainly this happened by coincidence. One did not cause the other.
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Old 10-20-2019, 04:27 PM
arleigh arleigh is offline
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Lawyers encourage the abuse of the system and greedy people bite right into it.

When I had crotch irritation I used skin so soft ,It worked well .
Since then I learned that the problem is bacteria and knowing that colloidal silver kills bacteria, I use that now for all related issues even as a deodorant, because it is a bacteria issue.
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Old 10-20-2019, 04:43 PM
PurpleKitty PurpleKitty is offline
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Well the funny thing my husband has both the hernia mesh and the clot filter the lawyers are screaming about.

In both instances he said something like "It has performed and I am not suing anyone". The only person we ever sued was the man who ran over him.

He doesn't want to get the filter out even though it is fractured per a couple of studies on his back - they saw the filter. It is his body, he just did sales tax today. If he can pay his taxes he can make his own medical decisions.

But I do wonder, when he goes, what will kill him. The filter? The pain pills and alcohol usage? Head injury?

I have read if he dies as a result of his injuries, even later, they can arrest the driver who hit him.
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Old 10-20-2019, 04:59 PM
Justme11's Avatar
Justme11 Justme11 is online now
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When I was doing extreme labor in the heat at that smelter when I was 19, I had horrible chafing that none of the normal stuff was helping. The required wearing of long pants and long shirt and a gas mask while shoveling and sweeping about 10 tons of lead dust a shift made me sweat in the extreme. Had to take several salt pills to keep going each shift. And the clothes would be caked with white salt from dried sweat at the end of the shift. You dropped them off and they did the laundry at the plant so you would not give lead poisoning to family.

One of the older workers recommended some goop called "Resinol".
Fixed the problem almost immediately. It is a mixture of Zinc Oxide, calamine and Resorcinol. Messy stuff, but it was the only thing that worked in those conditions.
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Old 10-21-2019, 12:53 AM
billwilla's Avatar
billwilla billwilla is offline
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I guess the guys should go over to the "ladies" section & tell them what they should & shouldn't do to care for their privates.
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Old 10-21-2019, 12:43 PM
PurpleKitty PurpleKitty is offline
Possum Lover
Join Date: Jan 2015
Location: Houston
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If that's directed at me I'm not. In case the husband reference didn't clue you I am a woman.

I am just wondering why any woman would put a bunch of powder in her drawers. If you bathe with soap daily I have found that sufficient - including training for a half marathon, walking miles in the heat with heavy packages, waiting outside on rides for over an hour at a time in a Houston summer, heavy labor manual job... etc.

I then added my husband would be unhappy to discover powder. And he would, or synthetic fragrance crap they have these days.

Close to nature is best, as is proven by all the woman getting ovarian cancer from powdering their privates.

I am at risk of ovarian cancer due to a couple of risk factors. So I'm not unsympathetic.

I don't care what other men do. I am only interested in my husband's equipment.
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