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Old 10-17-2011, 03:02 PM
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Default Enemies of Freedom

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I think the United States was infiltrated by enemies of Democracy and Freedom during the Russian Revolution era. That was in the early years of the 20th Century. Many of those people were European Immigrants. They busily went about ensconcing themselves in the arts, medicine, law, the school systems, unions, and politics. They took over further the entertainment industry, the media and today there are few avenues that were not penetrated and dominated by and large by these groups. They worked their trade of recruiting and putting out dis-information everywhere they went.

One of the biggest targets was Hollywood and the motion picture industry. The second biggest conquest was the school system, followed by the Law Profession. As each institution became dominated by Marxist philosophy it became easier to conquer and dominate more industries until they had a majority of devotee’ working for, spreading their propaganda and recruiting new conscripts. It went on for seventy years. The first real push was organizing the labor unions and that happened back around 1915.

One of the first real scares was the day it came to light in the headlines of America during the Joseph McCarthy hearings when he told America the biggest and most sinister enemy of America was Communism. Many communist lost their jobs and were blackballed from working in Hollywood. Many actors, screenwriters and other powerful and influential members of the Hollywood upper crust were affected.

The next time it came into prominence was during the Vietnam war era. Students egged on by communist sympathizers were encouraged to rebel against the government, society at large and all authority figures. The battle cry was, “Drop Out!” Others said to “Get High.” Much of the rhetoric came from people like Jane Fonda whose father was a communist and so was she. I heard her say at an interview one day, “Someday everyone will drop to their knees and thank me and people like me for having brought the message of Communism to them.” Later she went to Vietnam and posed on anti-aircraft guns that were being used to shoot down American pilots. She was never prosecuted or charged in any way for any crime. Her acts were treasonous yet she remains at large today and she should have been shot.

Today we are over run by the Left. I call them Communist because their belief is pure Marxism. Others refer to it as socialism. There is a fine line between socialism and Communism. Every big industry that can sway public opinion is awash in people who have the same mindset and that are for the utter destruction of America. They couldn’t do it with soldiers and guns because America is too big for that. The invasion came from within, it came from our schools where we send our children every day, and later when they are young adults they are indoctrinated in the Universities to further pollute their minds with a dogma of Socialism or in essence Communism. The indoctrination was further manipulated by the media, the movies and TV programs.

This was all co-ordinated by literally millions of University graduates who sallied forth and inserted themselves into every business in the country. This is verifiable by understanding there are over 700 universities in the US who have a curricula of socialist ideals and goals. Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn are distinguished Professors at Northwestern making $126.000 a year each, telling impressionable kids how cool it is to have been a terrorist in the US and how they got away with it. They killed Americans with bombs and they wrecked havoc everywhere they went. They have a class they teach to American young adults about how evil America is and how to change it through the adoption of Communism.

You decide. They have nearly won the takeover of America and few of them fired a single shot to do it. They have bankrupted America which was the plan from the beginning, and they have caused to outsource factories and jobs to further bring America to its knees and they did it partially through the passage of environmental and labor laws which crippled American Industry. They were heavily assisted by Unions.

They are in medicine, the media, politics, the schools and some of them are also preaching from the pulpits every Sunday. Many of them are making laws and representing you in government. Have they won, almost? Look around, do you believe this has all happened by accident? It was a methodical plan to bring America down, and the only way to do it was from within. It has happened to the greatest country on earth and they did it in under eighty years.

If one goes about doing an intense study of communism and what those who are in charge do, take a look at any country that has first adopted Socialism which eventually leads into pure Communism. Stalin did it and all others follow his lead when the time is right. This is what happened in the cradle of Marxism:

Stalin allowed the dissidents to come out in the open and to talk. They gathered at the small restaurants and coffee houses. They grouped together in any place where people from the arts gathered. Most of those who were gathering and talking were intellectuals. Many were military men. The few who were politicians were communists but there were a small percentage of those who were unhappy the way "Uncle Joe" was doing things. So, they talked. Many took to the streets as dissidents. Beria was head of the Russian Secret Police and he wanted to begin rounding those dissidents up. Stalin wouldn't allow it. What he did was recruit an army of spies and informers who walked among those people making the waves and talking against the government, ate with them, drank with them and socialized with them. This went on for seven years.

During this time there were few arrests. Then one night, the army and the Russian Secret Police began rounding them all up. In all, there were somewhere in the neighborhood of around fifteen million people, mostly dissidents who were shipped off to the Gulags in Siberia. Thousands of the intellectuals were shot and a few were imprisoned in the concentration camps for having agreed with a friend that Stalin was probably not a good guy and was heard by one of Stalin's spies who busily wrote their names down in a book that was carried by them always.

When World War Two began and Stalin signed a Non-Aggression Pact with Nazi Germany the world was stunned. However, the Nazis could not live up to any agreement with Russia because the Bolsheviks were as hated as were the Jews and the Pact wasn't deemed to last long. Then it came, the Germans attacked the Russians. Stalin had killed off so many of his prime officers that few reliable and experienced officers to lead the troops after Stalin's purge were left. There were scarcely any intellectuals left either and Russia operated on simply brute force and peasant numbers who manned the factories day and night. Starvation was the watch word and millions starved to death. Millions were murdered by the Germans, and yet they managed to stave off the Nazi's long enough for the coldest winter in recorded history fell on Russia. The German thought the war would last merely weeks or at the least a few months and they were not prepared for the cold that winter brought to them.

Soon they were freezing to death and their supplies were cut off by Partisan fighters. The winter lingered and the Soviet factories put out thousands of tanks and aircraft. Most soldiers went into battle with the Russian army and didn't have a rifle or any bullets to shoot. They were told to take from a fallen comrade and they did. Many Russian cities were reduced to rubble and the people were killed by the hundreds of thousands but they were able to hold the German Army until Spring broke. By that time the German Army was reduced to a horde of men trying to merely stay alive.

What is going to happen in the US is this:

Those dissidents and the people on the Left who are doing everything in their power to bring the US down will be among the first to be put against the wall. They will be killed once they are no longer needed. They are of the belief that they will be the ones put in charge once the Communist take over the US. What they don't understand is the Russians, the hard core Communists don't like them and they don't trust them, so they will be the first to be executed. Then it will be the intellectuals, the school teachers who have been peddling this propaganda all these years in our state owned schools will be next. All of those who cannot believe how ruthless the Communist are in reality will soon have their day to find out. It will be a rude awakening at best once they are summarily executed to their short chagrin.

While these executions and round-ups are going on, the new Partisans will go into action and they will suffer terribly but perhaps there is a slight chance they will prevail over these communist thugs.

Once, the Lamp of Liberty which shined through the bleak inky blackness of total enslavement of so many countries reached out and beckoned those who would be free from tyranny and governments bent on total despotism against the common man and woman. It brought people from every nation on earth to the United States of America. They came by the boatload and most were in search of freedom. It was a quest to fulfill for men and women who wanted to provide a better life for their children where opportunity would not be denied to them. Today that light is a faint glimmer of what it once was. The immigrants still come but it isn't freedom they search for it is the ever loving search for instant riches, a soft life, a free lunch which they cannot get at home, and they bring to the shores of America hate, contempt for the American way and a determination to suck the life blood out of every real American who has lost their birthrights.

The Liberal Left don't understand that what they are doing is hastening their own doom. They will find out and it will be at the point of a gun which will put the old saying, "It is a stupid bird that fouls its own nest" to the final impetus. They will die by the hand they sought to kiss. That is justice but unfortunately justice is a grinding process and the trouble with it is how slow it seems to do its work. Justice is a process which grinds exceedingly fine in the end. Those who would bring ruin to America will be the first to catch the contempt the enemy will have for them. Maybe once the Liberals and the dissidents are eliminated we can get to work of identifying the main body of the enemy and making them understand how terrible and tough an enemy Americans can be once sufficiently angered. It is my hope that the anger that wells up in the throat of every American is sufficient to bring on a new battle cry, "No mercy, no prisoners."

L Michael Rusin
Author of the novel Avalon
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You my friend have wayyyyy too much time on your hands.
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Enemies of freedom:

Democrats and republicans...


Homeland Security...

Patriot Act...

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Interesting post.
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