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Old 10-16-2018, 11:15 AM
MayDay MayDay is offline
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Default 11:43AM: A Voice Out of the Past.

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In the past I have been asked to keep the fonts larger so I hope this works for most folks.

This is a very short story that has no closure at the end. No I won't be expanding it. If at some point I decide to expand on it, it will not be on this forum. Yes I know my spelling, form and grammar suck! If that bothers you, I apologize and suggest you read no further.

If you must have a story that dots all the i's and cross the t's and comes to an end that provides some type of closure this NOT for you. Do us both a favor and don't read any further because both of us will be frustrated!

This story ends the way it does so that the reader can use their imagination about what happens next.

11:43AM: A Voice Out of the Past.

I could see the clock on the back porch staring back at me. I reached for my old-fashioned flip phone riding on my belt. Who did I know that would call at this time on a Saturday?

I’d been up since 5:30AM and was relaxing on my hammock in the shade after a darn fine lunch. I went back to civilian time since military time seemed to confuse the girls I dated. It was a lazy day and time for a nap.

Some people liked to sleep in after a late Friday night. I preferred getting up at the same time every day and taking a nap on Saturday.

Even though I didn’t recognize the number I answered anyway.


“Off and on HC! You know who this is right?”

Oh yah, I knew that voice! It didn’t matter that I hadn’t heard it in a little over three years. After six and a half years of listening to Senior Chief Petty Officer Taylor, day in and day out, I wasn’t likely to forget his voice.

I expect to hear that voice the day I walk through the gates of hell telling Satan to step aside because I was one of his boys.

I wasn’t likely to forget the last time I saw him either. It was Ramstein Air Base in Germany and just about this same time of the morning.

Our target was still tied and hooded and as soon as we touched down and taxied to an out of the way spot half a dozen vehicles zoomed up and took charge of him.

One guy dressed as a civilian pulled the Chief to the side and tried to get him to ride back with them but he insisted he needed to make sure we got our gear loaded and our asses to the hospital.

The guy didn’t like it but finally gave in. The others in his group had already hustled the man we kidnapped into a van.

The guy talking to the Chief had a few words with his men then they all zoomed away leaving two vehicle behind.

I keep saying ‘guys’ for a reason. One thing I learned early on. No names were ever exchanged when we did our missions. Oh sure, they might claim to be Smith, Jones or Brown but no real names. You never saw the faces of more than one guy and that was usually in the dark or with him wearing a hat and big black sunglasses.

Right behind them two ambulances roared up and took our two wounded to the hospital. While this was going on we unloaded our field gear and stacked it getting ready to load into one of the two remaining trucks.

Airforce guys came along and towed the aircraft away.

We were pretty much beat to hell and were supposed to be headed to the hospital to be treated for dehydration and exposure. For reasons we never learned our pickup was delayed over a week. A week of hiding and avoiding patrols and goat herders. So we were short of supplies.

To make matters worse what little we did have had to be given to the man we kidnapped to keep him alive, otherwise our mission would have failed.

All of us would head to the hospital except Chief Taylor. He needed to meet with our handlers and be debriefed before he could make it to the hospital.

First the Chief had some business to attend to. From our pile of gear the five of us who didn’t have holes punched in them were finding and handing him gear sacks. He was transferring and stacking the gear sacks into the back of one of the two vehicles left behind for us.

There were eight sacks with tightly bundled $100 bills. Each sack weighing somewhere around 23 to 25 pounds.

That was the up side of kidnapping two highly placed political figures. One was accidently wounded by his own body guards the dumb ****s.

Our instructions were to bring the two out with any papers, files or computer hard drives we could lay our hands on. Before he died we persuaded the unlucky SOB to give us the combination to his safe.

Seems that he might have hated the Great Satan but he had no qualms about preparing for his retirement by skimming off government funds.

The Chief gave us all a bro hug and told us to watch our six before driving away.

That was the last time I saw him. Even though we all knew ahead of time we wouldn’t see him after he drove away it left and empty feeling.

Right about now you are asking why we just handed over that much money. I suppose you would have to be in a team that lived and breathed together for years and who was always there for you. The Chief said he had a plan so we took him at his word.

A couple of days in the hospital and we were taken to an out of the way room. We weren’t debriefed or anything like that.

They never exactly said the Chief did his debrief but since they didn’t bother to debrief us he must have told them something.

Besides, what could we add to what they already knew? They had the man they wanted. How we did it and how we felt about it wasn’t a concern for them.

Mostly we were warned or threatened depending on your point of view. It was pretty standard stuff. Never ever, even on our death beds, tell anyone what we had been up to for the last couple of years.

I could see their point. Kidnapping highly placed individuals from nominally friendly countries was likely to cause a crap storm.

Even so it was kind of insulting. We were professional soldiers. None of us had a tendency to brag or have lose lips.

Without the Chief things weren’t the same so all of us eventually got out.

I hadn’t exactly volunteered for what we ended up doing anyway.

If you google the end of the Iraq war this is what you will find. “The withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Iraq began in December 2007 with the end of the Iraq War troop surge of 2007 and was completed by December 2011, bringing an end to the Iraq War.”

Then of course there was the Stan or Afghanistan.

None of that was important to the CIA. The CIA has a highly secretive and elite Special Operations Group (SOG) that recruits operators from SEAL Teams.

That’s how our group got involved in all the cloak and dagger crap and specifically that last mission with the Chief and my group. We were probably the wrong guys to send on a lot of what they had us do.

Some of what we did might have been a better fit for Rangers. I guess the CIA guys already had a ‘hammer’ in their hands so they sent us.

I was pulled back from memory lane by the Chief's voice.

“The world is about to have a very bad day.

Fifteen twenty hours Dobbins ARB Gate 2 at the latest, unless contacted earlier. Keep your phone on you at all times and be ready to drop everything to make it to Dobbins.

Your food, housing and ‘issue’ will be taken care of as well as expendables.

Pack what you can in the time frame allowed.

Concentrate on long term personal items like rugged clothes! Plus everything that goes with them. Personal weapons and ammo on hand, personal entertainment choices, all that is acceptable.

Pack for eternity but keep it around 1,200lbs per person. No extended families or friends of friends. How many should we expect?”

I laughed out loud at how many. I made the mistake of falling in love and two years later lost half of everything.

While I was busy trying to open my own business my stay at home wife found ways to entertain herself and overcome her hectic life. Of course she had a maid that came in to clean four times a week and who stayed to cook dinner.

Not only did one of the two men in bed with her post their armature sex video to a porn site they linked it to several others my former wife made with a dozen other males and females.

When I married her I knew she was sexually adventurous and that was fine but she never explained the extent of her interests fully.

When I confronted her she claimed the only reason I was upset was because she hadn’t invited me to a group romp with two of our hot neighbor ladies.

In the end the video was disallowed as not being pertinent and so I lost 50% of everything except the house my parents left me. That was only because while I was away being shot at regularly my dad put the house in a trust along with a few thousand dollars in case of their death. I left it in the trust because I didn’t want to be tempted to mortgage it for my business. I never wanted to be out on the street.

At least we didn’t have any kids!

I had to drag my mind back form my wool gathering and answer the question.

I should probably claim that my divorced left me crushed and left me brokenhearted. It did for about a week. Instead of discouraging me the videos of her romping with others inspired me to get back into dating, and dating was presenting me with a problem.

The problem was named Suzy a real blond lying next to me in the oversized hammock taking a nap. I had been dating her for about a year and she had been living with me for about eight months.

Suzy was a 24 year old liberal arts student who could never make up her mind what she wanted to do with her life. So she stayed in school attending classes infrequently switching her major at a whim.

Her daddy was about to stop paying her way when we hooked up. I made sure she went to class, studied, didn’t goof off and gave her some direction in life. When her attendance got better and her grades went up daddy reconsidered and kept sending the checks.

Men like the Chief don’t play practical jokes, at least not on this scale. Even so I just had to ask.

“This for real?”

“As real as it gets!”

“Put me down with one dependent.”

“Be there HC, be there!”

“What’s going on honey?”

“A guy I would trust with my life just called to tell me the world as we know it is ending. He seems to have a way to survive it and he called to invite me to go with him.”

“Wow! Will it be like the backpacking trips you took me on? I liked that. Can I come?”

I had married attractive, intelligent, sharp and independent. After dating ten or twelve women I had ended up with gorgeous, less intelligent, funny, a bit stereotypical blond and generous of spirit.

If I hadn’t explained her banking app on her smart phone Suzy couldn’t have balanced her checking account or payed her credit card bills.

Until I got involved her dad had to do it long distance and she was almost always overdrawn.

But she was funny and sweet and always gave bitchy people a smile and wished them a better day.

“I would like that very much but it won’t be easy and I figure everything and everyone you know might get destroyed.”

She made her sad face before saying, “That’s terrible! Can’t we help?”

“No sweetie, in fact we have to keep this a secret for a few hours. Just between us two.”

“OK if you say so.”

“Now go get the roll of 55 gallon heavy duty black plastic lawn bags.”

I’m not sure that loading clothes into a few duffle bags and then loading the rest into lawn bags counts as packing but whatever it is called it went fast.

One thing I am sure of is that three and a half hours isn’t near long enough to prepare for the apocalypse.

I don’t own any suits and the few pairs of dress pants and casual shirts took just a few minutes.

Suzy might be a little bit of an air head but when she is given a task she works at it and doesn’t slack off.

I left her packing our clothes and shoes including those in a walk in closet that held all my winter clothes and what few Suzy had while I saw about my gun safe.

The safe was bolted down from the inside and I knew from the delivery it weighed under 400lbs empty. I only have six hand guns and five long guns so unloading them and the ammo didn’t take long.

With the help of an electric impact wrench I had it unbolted and loaded on the same dolly I used to place it as Suzy hauled the first bag of clothes to the garage.

There was no way I could lift the safe but with the help of two ramps used for working under my truck I was able to tip it onto a moving blanket and between the two of us we slid it to the front of the eight foot bed on my crew cab. The top of the safe came close to clipping the cab high cap I had on the bed of my truck but managed to miss it.

I had cases for all my guns so those went next to the safe and the bags of clothes went on top keeping everything out of view.

I might never be back but we cleared out all the perishable foods and I turned off the gas and water and flipped the electrical disconnect just the same.

I made a quick check in the bathrooms, closets and the second bedroom that I used for storage. Obviously Suzy took my words to heart because there wasn’t anything left I would have taken. She even took the extra toilet paper and found boxes for my military memorabilia.

Forty-two minutes after picking up the phone we were on the road.

The Chief couldn’t have picked a better concentration point. On the way there was a 24/7 Walmart a block of the Interstate, a Bass Pro Shop that had become a little more like a Cabela's since the two companies merged ten minutes out of the way from where I lived and a Brigade store two miles off the Interstate on the way to Dobbins ARB.

Air Reserve Base or Dobbins ARB is a United States Air Force reserve air base located in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb about 20 miles northwest of Atlanta.

I have no intention of doing what might be called shopping at Walmart. I pushed one shopping cart and pulled another one on my way to the men’s department. Suzy took one and headed to the women’s.

All I wanted from here were work socks, underwear, jeans and T-shirts. Jeans took an extra minute since Walmart doesn’t always have sizes and lengths all in one stack.

Since I knew my sizes it was a matter of taking armfuls of things off the shelves and dropping them in my carts.

There was a small Carhartt section in the men’s department so I grabbed a couple things, snatched a couple belts from a display and parked my loot in an out of the way place before grabbing another cart and heading for the women’s section.

Good thing I did. Suzy had just started on her selections and her cart was already ¾ full with feminine hygiene items.

We weren’t trying for fitted jeans so I started hunting for her sizes.

With my help it was only a few minutes before we were headed for the checkout.

Back on the Interstate it was 12:57

It took ten minutes of driving the wrong way but at least I had been in this Bass Pro shop dozens of times looking at everything. I knew what we needed and where it was at.

One does not tear through a Bass Pro shop quite as easily as a Walmart. Even knowing the sizes and where things were we ate up fifty minutes before we were out of there and in the truck.

Oh, by the way I maxed out one of my credit cards and about half of another and did some serious damage to Suzy’s daddy’s card.

The drive to Dobbins was going to take at least twenty-five minutes even on the Interstate. I might have to blow off The Brigade store.

When I got to the exit it was 2:10 and The Brigade store was at least ten minutes from there. If I spent no more than fifteen minutes in the store I could still make the three-twenty deadline.

I made it to gate 2 with fifteen minutes to spar or so I thought. As I pulled up I could see and Airforce vehicle fifty feet down the road driving away. The guard at the gate made a quick call and the vehicle did a quick U-turn and came back.

Another quick U-turn and a Staff Sergeant jumped out with a clip board and an ugly look then demanded my ID.

“You almost missed your flight sir. Your timetable has been moved up. Follow me.”

Before we rolled onto a feeder road two Air Force Security Forces (SF) vehicles pulled out to meet us. With one in front and one behind I followed them to a building where all my gear was loaded into crates and palletized. You don’t just throw bundles and bags any old way you like into the Air Force’s aircraft.

I’ve been on a lot of basses but I have never seen seven airmen unload, load, palletize, weigh then haul the pallets to a waiting C-130 or anything else as fast or carefully as they did with what was in my truck.

Before my load could leave a SF Sergeant had to see my ID again.

At the ramp of the C-130 another Staff Sergeant quickly confirmed verbally that my truck had been unloaded and parked in long term storage. Then he verbally confirmed with the senior airman who oversaw my gear being loaded making sure the number of boxes ready to load were the same boxes and the same number of boxes that had been filled with my gear.

The Aircraft Loadmaster and an airman had been checking weights and other airmen had been loading even before the Staff Sergeant was finished.

I know it sounds like it took a long time but it really didn’t. They were all very thorough but they were moving at warp speed.

It didn’t take long for them to load and while they were working I got a call from the Chief making sure I was there and we were taking off soon.

My gear along with myself and Suzy were on the C-130 and taxing for a takeoff in less than thirty minutes.

From the first call to the time we were clawing for altitude was less than four hours.

Time to hurry up and wait to find out what this was all about.

The End

MayDay AKA Billy Bob Richardson. : )

I hope you found some entertainment value and wish you a great day.

Take care, be well.

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Old 10-16-2018, 02:08 PM
shooter90 shooter90 is offline
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A Great Start, really does leave you wanting more, but i also understand about posting stuff .
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Old 10-16-2018, 09:11 PM
bugbor bugbor is offline
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If'n I don't complain about spellin' and grammar, will you write some more of this?
Just kiddin'. Thanks for puttin' this up there. Some folks just seem to have the knack, and you might be one of the few with enough "knack" for two people.
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Old 10-17-2018, 07:52 AM
robertk robertk is offline
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Could you let us know where you publish with a linkI have several of your books they're good stuff like to keep up with you're writing
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Old 10-17-2018, 12:01 PM
MayDay MayDay is offline
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Default Thank you for the kind words.

"Great Start, really does leave you wanting more, but i also understand about posting stuff ."

"If'n I don't complain about spellin' and grammar, will you write some more of this?
Just kiddin'. Thanks for puttin' this up there. Some folks just seem to have the knack, and you might be one of the few with enough "knack" for two people."

"Could you let us know where you publish with a link I have several of your books they're good stuff like to keep up with you're writing."

Thanks very much for the kind words guys. I actually have a couple of books close to being finished but still wrestling with parts of them. It will be a while since once I hammer out what I don't like and add what I think would fit better, takes time. Then it has to go off to the proofreader.

One book, 'Choices' is over 340,000 words but according to a neighbor who read the first draft is too realistic in the last third or thereabouts of the book.

The world is in the last throes of unwinding and my depiction of how the dynamics and power within a small group might shift as political correctness and gender politics no longer apply made him cringe.

He did not deny my depiction could very easily come true, he just doesn't like to think things could ever get that bad.

To be honest I can see his point and at the very least Choices would have to be rated R. Other than that he enjoyed the book a great deal.

That is an important point. As a writer, how far should I go in describing very real, very possible real world situations?

Should I go for totally possible situations and take the chance I might offend my reader base?

I posted part of a book from my Tuesday series on this forum at one time and was asked to move it to the Dark Side since it was too realistic in the depiction of a torture scene.

The fact that it followed real events that have happened around the world made it no less offensive.

My neighbor is a great guy and I appreciate his input. He is always supportive and buys my books even after reading the rough drafts.

Perhaps I will just keep a copy of the wildly offensive version for my personal reading. lol

So what is my point in mentioning that particular book?

The point is that as you might imagine writing a book of that length took a huge amount of time. Conversely it will take a huge amount of time to tear it apart and restructure it.

When I do publish something knew it will be under my pen name Billy Bob Richardson on Amazon. I will be sure to post on this forum so anyone who is interested can check them out.

Thanks again for the very kind words. Keep situational awareness and watch your six!

MayDay AKA Billy Bob Richardson.
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Old 10-17-2018, 08:36 PM
wv_farmgirl wv_farmgirl is offline
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I’d love to see more of the Tuesday series! I own them and am constantly watching for more.
Keep it realistic. The apocalypse won’t be clean and kind. It will take guts and hard men and women to survive.
Let us know when your new books are available!
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Old 10-18-2018, 11:15 PM
Raymond Raymond is offline
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Thanks! Yes, keep it as real as you need to to make the story work the way you want it to. I will always be entertained by your writing. So carry on and make our day.
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Old 10-21-2018, 04:48 PM
duanet duanet is offline
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Very likely how it all will be. Survival will depend on what you have done in the past, what you have for support from your friends, and will probably happen when you least expect it. In my life the real life changing events, car accidents, heart attacks, strokes, etc, were never planed for and seldom were expected. Thank you for a thoughtful short read.
Most Americans love their steak on the grill and really don't want to know of all the details of how it reached that point. Have your Tuesday series and love it.
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Old 10-29-2018, 12:31 PM
boomerweps boomerweps is offline
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You warned us but I did not listen.
One heck of a jump start into nothingness.
This story begs to be continued.
So I am begging!
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