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Old 12-21-2019, 07:15 PM
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Default 2020 Prepping Plans

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Guys and gals, what are some of your prepping plans for 2020? This is going to be a small political rant mixed in with prepping related topics.

The first thing that comes to mind is the typical beans, bullets and band aids.


To address the beans, I would like to expand the fruit orchard in the chicken yard. This would be a mix of figs, peaches, and nectarines. I am thinking about planting a third pear tree, but undecided.

My current chicken sites at around 14 (plus or minus a few) laying hens. I would like to get that number up to around 30 hens.

Spring of 2019 I planted a lot of my corn and bean seeds. So when the local feed store gets their new seeds in one of the first things I want to do is replenish my seed stock.

Just to make something clear, I am not low on seeds. I have two plastic tubs in the deep freezer full off seeds. Both tubs measure around 24 inches long, 12 inches wide, and about 5 - 6 inches deep.

The fresh seeds this year will be used to replace older seeds that were planted last year and this coming spring.


Do I really need more guns and ammunition? The first answer is typically yes. I would love to add another AR to my collection, and my current pick is the S&W M&P 15. I think it would be better to buy now than wait until closer to the election.

Then again, I would like to add a scope to my lever action marlin 336.

Om top of all of that, a couple of cases of 223 Remington would be very welcome.

Band Aids

I have been playing around with the idea of buying some new berkey water filters for my Boyal Berkey.

A few weeks ago I rounded up my Sawyer water filters only to find they were no longer working. I had to force water through them just to get a stream started. All the time and effort I put into my Sawyer PointOne water filter gravity setup and gone to waste.

I am not going to worry about getting another Sawyer mini or pointone as I am very disappointed in how they worked after being in storage. The only thing to do is go with what has worked over the past decade, and that is a Sawyer.

Anyone have suggestions one the above topics please share your thoughts.

What are your prepping plans for 2020? I am concerned about the political atmosphere towards the end of 2020, especially if Trump is reelected.
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Old 12-21-2019, 07:27 PM
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I'll keep adding here & there. Found out for some reason we were down to 1 can of tomato soup today. Something must've happened to the reminder to get more of that. For G&A, I've got lots of lowers stocked up as well as other parts, but as various AR parts go on sale I will get some here & there. I am thinking about getting that new Glock 44 in 22LR, as that would be a good training gun, especially for the kids & always like shooting 22 pistols. Also since I'm now able to get my EDC ammo, Hornady Critical Duty for 50 cents/rnd, sometimes less (when in stock) that's what I started stocking up on for factory ammo, but will buy 22LR & any other stuff I use when there's a good deal as well as adding to my reloading supplies. Band-aids pretty well set, nobody has had too bad of a boo-boo in a while (knock on wood) so haven't had to use much beyond a band-aid & some anti-biotic ointment for some time.

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Old 12-21-2019, 08:29 PM
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I just picked up 5000 rounds of 22 and 1000 of 9mm. I'm good on 223/556. I need to put more money into long term food and gardening this year
Navy vet!
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Old 12-21-2019, 08:56 PM
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I have paid for a 45' long "high cube" shipping container - awaiting delivery. Once it's delivered, will do interior framing to partition it into 3 sections, run electric (LED shop lights and several outlets) then move in freezers, spare refrigerators, shelving, cast iron/enamelware cookstove (and install chimney piping) - it will become my "pantry"/food storage area, since there's NO room in the house.

Getting the well put onto and independent solar/wind/backup battery setup - will entail putting in THICK reinforced concrete pad, installation of a large (2000-3000 gallon or more) storage tank that will feed the pressure tank, and building a proper wellhouse around the whole setup.

Plan on FINALLY getting the "chute" at the front gate put up (basically a double-gate system - open 1 gate, pull through, shut first gate then open 2nd gate) so that we don't have to worry about animals escaping while we're entering/exiting the property.

Also improving fencing around the orchard and replacing trees that were taken out by pocket gophers.

Rebuilding the greenhouse that was taken out by a microburst (for the 2nd time)
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Old 12-22-2019, 02:02 AM
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My first and foremost as soon as my taxes are filed...building 2 more ARs.
Get a C-A-T from NARescue.

go through my current preps and see where I stand. See how much more I can add (room limited)
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Old 12-22-2019, 01:41 PM
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2020 is all about trees. I have about 140 seedlings on order and 2 acres cleared.
I need to build some deer fence to protect my garden/orchard area.
I need to clear an additional acre or so for the wildlife food trees.
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Old 12-24-2019, 08:31 PM
AZ_HighCountry AZ_HighCountry is offline
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Kind of embarrassed to admit we haven't thought that far ahead yet. One thing I am good on is parts for the ARs. Other stock keeping items are also good. Won't pass up deals though such as more .22 since the grandkids love to shoot. Probably going to focus on food storage and more water.
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Old 12-24-2019, 08:51 PM
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This year is about infrastructure improvements made possible by some significant infrastructure improvements this past couple of years. This year I will complete the expansion of my cellar that will more than double my current capacity. I will complete an electrical project that will include putting in a whole house generator. I will double my rain water collection system. And I will increase my garden by 1/3. I will also do some backbreaking work with my sons to cut a new trail to a few hundred acres of prime forest for hunting and harvesting natural resources. Big goals that were several years and projects in the making.
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Old 12-25-2019, 01:19 AM
PromptCritical PromptCritical is offline
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I have been in the new digs for a year now and I'm on track to have it paid off by election day. The infrastructure improvements are getting done but some that can't be done solely by me and require assistance keep being put off because this terrible Trump economy has the construction company seriously backed up with work. Oh, the humanity! HF and VHF beam antennas are ready to go when I can get the tower installers here (they are busy, too). Get a garden started, fruit trees planted, and berries started. The old chicken coop has been torn down and the site has to be made ready for a new one.

A few decades ago I made the only New Years resolution I have ever kept; I vowed to never set another New Years resolution. Ever since I have simply made goals. Resolutions so often fail because life changes or someone stumbles and the result is a [B]perceived[B] failure. Someone starts to exercise and overdoes it and has to stop due to injury. Suddenly they see they can't win. Goals allow for changes, so often unforeseen. The list of goals can expand or contract over the year and there is no failure. Make the list twice the goals as what can be done and go from there making changes to the list as time goes by. Yes, this is semantics, but for our more liberal friends this is a turning point.
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Old 12-25-2019, 08:21 AM
BrianWorf BrianWorf is offline
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Basically home infrastructure improvement/repair. Need to level foundation first. Then replace all soffits and trim with hardy-board (Concrete). Next is replace composition roof with metal roof for more fire resistance and hail resistance. Also will be adding in heavy duty supports between roof supports and load-bearing walls to help hold roof down in case of a tornado skipping thru the neighborhood. While doing that, will finish off the installation of radiant barrier on roof rafters.

Inside attic stuff (supports and radiant barrier) will likely get done first, as it is better when it is cold to work in the attic. I saw the radiant barrier working a few weeks ago with our first overnight frost. Areas with the barrier installed were frosty on the outside of the roof. Areas without the barrier were clear from the escaping heat keeping the roof too warm for frost.

I will also be adding more security cameras.
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Old 12-25-2019, 03:35 PM
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I come across odds and ends when reading these boards that I never thought about. I need a wireless short-distance comm system (walkie-talkies), solar recharger for small batteries, probably a scope for at least one of my ARs, not sure if it will go on the 10 or 15. Could use a 22 LR to take small game. I spend between $100 - $150 / mo. on gear from WalMart.com and Amazon and I'm a cheapskate who's careful not to buy unnecessary items or too many duplicates. Ammo, ammo, ammo, you can never have too much.
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Old 12-25-2019, 03:58 PM
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Save money for a homestead. Probably can get the down payment by spring of 2021. Would like a house with 5 plus acres. We paid off all the debt we had in 2019.

I am pretty much good on gun stuff. Just need to replace whatever I use.

Already took care of long term food stuff for 2020. Found a good deal on mountain house food and I stocked up earlier than I planned.

Would actually like to spend more time outside and camping. Been 2 years since we have done anything. Having a baby made it tough.

Past that restock up the every day food stuff in the pantry.
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Old 12-26-2019, 12:21 PM
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this year i need to really get serious about a long term water gathering solution. ultimately as time goes on i have my doubts about whether the basement well will be able to be used long-term, given the water ingress issues we continue to have. though i have considered some kind of solar-and-battery backed up sump pump to keep the basement dry from ingressing water. that plus a new basement cover might work....

if not i need to come up with another water collection plan.
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Old 12-26-2019, 12:31 PM
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You should call sawyer about your filter but I bet a good soak is what it needs if it has been stored for a long period after last use, perhaps even after new.
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Old 12-26-2019, 01:29 PM
Faultyphoenix Faultyphoenix is offline
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Other than just chipping away at things, the big " project" in mind is digging out the crawl space under the house into a usable and securable storage area. This also provides more soil for more raised garden beds. Thinking of using old windows laying around to turn one of the raised beds into greenhouse.
One thing leads to another
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Old 12-26-2019, 05:10 PM
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Ammo, 9mm compact(4”barrel) handgun, .450 bushmaster upper.

80lbs boneless skinless chicken breast, whole hog.

A Couple tubes of silver eagles.

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Old 12-27-2019, 05:46 AM
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Getting the underground house built. Old house should be ready to sell this spring. Then we can get construction started this summer. That, and I need range time. A LOT of range time and tactical drilling in general.
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Old 12-27-2019, 07:47 AM
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This yr will be buying a little extra of what we eat here and there.

Getting the house ready to go in the market. It is getting close where I will be needing to buy a mini x and cannot store it at our current house.

New medical issue with me has changed our food preps. I no longer can eat mammals due to allergic reactions.

Y’all need to seriously stock up on deet and such. Tick and chigger bites can drastically change your life. I’ve lost 30lbs in 6 months. But I tend to feel healthier.

Last edited by Veloster; 12-27-2019 at 07:47 AM.. Reason: Misspelling
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Old 12-27-2019, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Veloster View Post

Y’all need to seriously stock up on deet and such. Tick and chigger bites can drastically change your life. I’ve lost 30lbs in 6 months. But I tend to feel healthier.
Wow!! Had no idea that could happen from bug bites. Hope your new situation stabilizes without too much difficulty. I once got several hundred chigger bites, despite DEET. Horrible. After that, permethrin has been fantastic to have vs DEET.

Anyway, 2020 for us will hopefully see...

Renovations that were put on hold due to unforeseen circumstances in 2019. Then sell and move to a more rural locale.

More hunting experience.

More gardening experience.

First time effort at DIY LTS food. Mylar, O2 absorbers, grains, beans, seasonings, salt, etc.

Install rain catchment, storage, and filtering system at new house. 110 gallons to start, and add more as we can.

Install wood stove in new house.

Comms...an all hazards type radio to start with. Later some gmrs radios.

Increase gasoline storage.

Later in the year I'd like to invest a significant amount of money in hard assets that could be reliquidated without too much trouble...possibly silver.

Possible foray into reloading my saved brass.

Probably more than we can do in one year, given lots of other stuff going on. But goals are good to have!
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Old 12-27-2019, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by kev View Post
I am concerned about the political atmosphere towards the end of 2020, especially if Trump is reelected.
You should be concerned whether Trump is or is not reelected.

Which branch of the communist party USA (democrats) goes crazy depends on the outcome.

He loses, the left wing legislatures will go crazy; higher taxes, health (no) care for all, gun control (see Virginia).....

He wins, the left wing black shirts will go crazy on the streets in hopes of creating a "spontaneous" outbreak of right wing extremist violence. That means anyone who is not a communist/flyover country.

In either case ..... Be Prepared !
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berkey water filter, chickens, raising chickens, seeds for shtf, shtf survival rifle, water filters

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