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Old 09-01-2015, 12:36 AM
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Post The day the world changed

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You are asking me to tell the story? I have been asked before. It is hard to remember.

This was before your time you see. Now we keep our guard. We did then but not like this. I don't hurt people but when they come round with the idea to steal all I have and worse, well I cant just leave my wife and kids to that. We had the cops back then. May of not been the best but it could of bin' worse. It did get worse.

I still remember the day, blue skies with high clouds dancing across the sky. I was just out of bed and the kids were watching the TV. My wife was making tea and looking out the window. Spring had come in like a lion and the wind was pushing the bare trees around.
I looked out the window to the park beyond, everything was wet and miserable.

The start of the trouble was the elections. No one wanted any of the candidates. Unrest was all over the place. Nothing bad mind you, just usual protests and marches down the street where they all shouted and held up banners and when it was all done they went home.
The thing was there was protests everywhere, every city had something going on.
No one took any notice till there was a protest every day. Then things got ugly.
The wife had shooed the kids in to the bath and was getting them clean. I wanted to veg out a bit before work so I turned on the news channel to see the flavour of the day. It was all about the big ralley. In Ottawa a protest was ordered broken up by the P.M. Something about public safety.
That's a joke!!! We were all safe til then!!

Want some tea? HONEY??? Can ya make this fella some tea please?? Me too.

Where was I? Oh yeah Ottawa,
The cops gave the people five minutes to disperse. I was watching and for laughs, so I started timing it. Why? I don't know, maybe to see if the cops would back down. They didn't. They didn't get past thirty seconds before they fired the first tear gas in to the crowd.
I remember laughing, probably nervous, I'm not sure; but i did call my wife on to have a look at what was going on.
She was peeved as hell at my lack of helping get the kids ready and told me in bright language when she arrived in the living room.

Then the pops started.I swore and said some idiot had set off firecrackers. The wife screamed and slumped to the floor.
On the tv people were dropping, there was blood everywhere, I saw women huddled in doorways cut down. Men dragging lifeless bodies of people away. The cameraman was doing his best to keep everything in focus but he was overwhelmed. The last picture before the feed cut was of a uniformed man shooting right at the camera. The picture shuddered and the ground raced to the screen.
We both said nothing, all we heard was the kids playing in the bath blissfully unaware. Then there was more popping, it wasn't coming from the tv..

Excuse me I need a moment.
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Old 09-01-2015, 01:40 AM
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This could turn into a very good story. Please continue
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Old 09-01-2015, 04:01 PM
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That got my attention
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Old 09-01-2015, 04:48 PM
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Good story so far!
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Old 09-01-2015, 07:54 PM
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Good start, thank you.
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Old 09-01-2015, 09:16 PM
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Interesting start.
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Old 09-02-2015, 12:07 AM
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Sorry bout that.
I guess some old memories hit hard...

This is what i had learnt later. Several MP's from every political party had decided that Canada needed stability at any cost. I agree we were in a rocky place but that is what this country was about. Different opinions and people and all could live in peace.
Well it seemed they had got a few of the uppers in the military to go along with it. And as you know you just need one nut to spoil the lot. They had quite a few. Not all of them but quite a few.

Well back to where we were.
The pops started. I turned on the little camping radio to hear what the news channel had to say. The announcer had a clearly shaken voice, first he spoke of Ottawa, then his voice cracked with the words "and it is happening here now, There are military vehicles coming up to our building, they are coming in."
I won't tell you the rest as it was heartbreaking. Needless to say there was a final goodbye to loved ones and he left the microphone on. Out of everything, those three seconds haunt me the most, as it was that moment I realized I had no control over our safety. I was terrified and had no clue what to do but I knew couldn't show it. If I did we all would be dead.

First thing I did was leapt to the windows and closed all the curtains. I clearly remember spending way to much time trying to tuck the curtains in so no light would get out. Guess that was my coping mechanism then. My wife ran to the bath and got the kids out. We tried not to show any worry but it must of come through. My boy asked if i had allergies, "your eyes are wet daddy". Yup just allergies I told him.
I Ran downstairs and got my 22 rifle and loaded it. All the safety courses ran through my head, "No loaded guns in the house, gun locked, ammo separate", and there I was breaking all the rules with the most under powered rifle I could think of in a situation such as this. Little did I know my target day gun had a bit of kick when I needed it.
I ran back upstairs and placed the gun by the fireplace and we all sat. It felt like hours to me, listening to any sound out there.
The pops were sporadic, mostly single shots, sometimes a burst of full auto. It was all far away. The screeching of tires was repeated for hours. I remember we tried the TV but the cable had gone. The local radio was out but some of the rural stations were still broadcasting. From what I gathered in the hour we listened was the main centers were taken over. The police tried to calm things down but they were dispatched quickly. There was some resistance from city and provincial police, but they were overwhelmed. The announcer told anyone listening to stay inside and sit tight. They would give more information as the day went on. He then played an old country tune, don't know the name of it but it was the the old guy, you know the black dude.

HONEY.. Who is that singer you know the black dude.... Wha?
Oh sorry, Man in black she said. Johnny Cash his name.

Anyway the song was playing and the pops were going off, it was surreal. My wife by now was not herself and I had to think of something. Now if anyone tells you they acted cool and collected they are full of it. I was a mess but had to keep it out of sight. So my first job was to screw the doors shut. Make it hard for someone to get in. And hard to get out I know now. But it made us feel safer.

I think we had done everything we could by that point. The kids were now playing on the Ipad, The wife was making a cup of tea for us all and we were hunkered down for the day, unsure what to do.
There was a burst of gunfire that made my boy and girl jump. It was much closer than before. The light flickered once and died. We had no power at all now, and as the kettle slowly stopped the boil several single shots rang out. You could hear the noise of a very large engine, obviously diesel and very close.
They were fanning out in the city.
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Old 09-02-2015, 03:40 PM
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Good start. But please do not put Justin in charge. We wouldn't survive another Trudeau in power!!!
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Old 09-03-2015, 12:33 AM
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Hoped you liked the supper young fella. Wife makes a mean meatloaf. Trust me it will be kicking for at least an hour.

So as I was saying this 'truck' came round. With all the windows curtained up I couldn't see outside so i hopped to the bedroom to inch up the blinds. Just enough to see not enough to get noticed. We must be talking about 10:30 am here. I am not sure. Time was not important. Looking back I can say I didn't look at the time for at least a week. Events ran life not time.
I am wandering again aint I? Wife hates that.
The truck was a huge ugly thing. Military alright but not sure what. Not a tank, but smaller with one of those big guns on top with a guy holding the two handles at the butt. It had a barrel that was just huge. One bullet could vaporize a human I expect.
Anyways, the thing was slowly going down the street, with the guy on top sweeping the barrel from side to side slowly; all the while pops were going off all over. Something caught his eye and he let off three or four rounds. The sound was immense and the window on the house across the street broke. The gunner saw this and shot a few rounds in there too. I have never seen anything like it. There was freaking daylight coming through!! He had shot through a brick house!!
That was the moment. That exact moment I kinda snapped. The fear was there in full color but it had a purpose now. GET OUT.
Why then? For me it was the fact my house was my kingdom and if it couldn't afford me some protection then I needed to get out.

After I was sure the vehicle was gone I slowly returned to the family, who by now were looking like ghosts. I gave all hugs and told them the plan. My thoughts were that these guys could control main centers but rural areas would be an impossible task. We had to leave the city we had to leave soon but we would have to be smart about it.
I pulled out the map of the city and we all sat around it. The littlest one had fun with some crayons filling in the river a bright purple, while my son clinged to me.
There was no going over the bridges. Suicide there and thus half the city was out. We were close enough to the edge of the city so that was the best bet. But with all the new developments in half stages it would be a snipers dream on the average joe. The car would be out as that would be raising a big ole flag to whoever wanted to find us. The destination was a hard one. We ended up decided on a lake we went to the year before. Out of the way and far away enough we should be safe. But it would be a weeks hike, more if the kids slowed down.
We agreed to wait for the next night as we could get prepared and find out a bit more of what was going on. 'Lets do this' I exclaimed and we were all pitching in to get ready.

This was really the first time my hobby came in to its own. You see I tried everything you would call a hobby, but the kids would get in the way. I tried making stained glass windows. That ended up on the floor. I tried antiquing. Ever pay for vase that was loved too much by your son? So I started collecting camping stuff. A hammock here, lantern there. Drove the wife crazy. But on the summer nights when the kids went to bed I got maybe two hours with my toys. It was heaven.
As I went through my collection Things just started popping up like they were calling me. 'Ok my time to shine!! Take me!!!'
There was the trusty Zippo, Paracord, ezbit stove, the hunting knife, WW2 mess tin, compass, topo maps, axes... I could go on and on. I was actually feeling happy for a minute. I wanted to go upstairs and tell her, 'see you said it would never be useful, bite me!' What can I say I was finally right.
I carefully went over what I was taking, as lots was junk. Matches, folding shovel... no I can improvise digging tools. Flint and steel.. always. Silver blankets? Be crazy not to have them. Tent? Damn....
The tent my wife wanted and the tent I chose were two different things. So we got her one. It held 8 people, an elephant, and the starting lineup for the Flames. Yup big and weighed 300 lbs. This was out and it made a big hole in our plans.
Shelter was essential, and I could make something every night. But it would hamper any efforts we made. Travel time would be even longer now.

Upstairs the rest of the family were busy packing backpacks with clothing, diapers, first aid supplies and more. I made sure extra underwear and socks for everyone. I don't care how nasty you are, clean underwear and socks are like a bath when you are nasty.

It took hours to get everything together. Seeing if we needed something, pulling stuff out putting stuff in. But by the end we were ready as we could be. It was now the waiting game. That was the hardest part, waiting. Trying to entertain the little ones, all the time hearing the pops getting louder, getting softer, stopping for a bit, starting again. It was mental torture.

The smell was the first indicator that events had overtaken. Smokey burnt smell, but not campfires. It was wood though.

I poked my head out the blinds and could see columns of smoke rising from the city.

It was burning. It was everywhere. It was coming.

We needed out today.
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thread subscribed..
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Old 09-04-2015, 01:30 AM
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So hope the fire is comfortable. Things get mighty cold these days. Have to re chink a few places on the walls.

So the fires were set by unknown people. Might of been the army but the confusion it caused didn't help their cause. Killed many innocent people tho. You know when it truly went wild the fire killed scores and they never saw a flame. The fire ate up all the air in areas people just dropped dead where they were. Nasty sight. I am wandering again aint i? Gee if i keep that up I might not come back... HA!

Honey come sit down here, just telling the fella the story....

So the wind was prevalent from the north west. Always has always will be. This day it wanted to throw in a wrench in the gears. It was coming south east. The smoke drifted all through the area making breathing hell. Any other day it would of drifted up and away for all to see and none to bother.
I spent quite a while looking at where the fires were and how fast they were moving.
I had put my kids snakes and ladder pieces on the city map to visualize the progress. Down town was looking ok but there seemed to be one hotspot. The mall I thought, found out later it was the fancy hotel. Stood since the thirties now gone.
The main wall was to the east and was in spots dotted almost in a line. As I kept looking the spots turned in to a wall. I guessed we had four hours to be safe six to be stupid.
The wife was trying to pack photo albums. We had a big fight over that. The weight would kill us I screamed. She refused to leave them. We quickly came to a compromise. Twenty pictures. There was too many she wanted to take. I kept saying we have memories and when they are gone we have each other. Still true today.

Aw honey don't cry, love you.

We still hadn't really picked our route out of town, but the basics were down. No streets all back alleys, no parks, open areas. If we needed to cross the street we stay together. No one goes off alone.
Once out of town we stick to grids and fields. Any sign of movement we lie flat and wait.

I had the gun and heaviest pack. Must of weighed 50lbs. By the end of the trek it felt like 3000lbs. I remember the joy of never having to lift that thing when we arrived. I strapped in my camping knife to my leg and my leatherman to my belt. The wife had the food backpack with a bunch of freeze dried meals, dried beans and rice, cans of tuna. I still hate tuna today. And enough of those noodles the students eat to kill a horse. How on earth someone can eat noodles with a little packet of funny salty stuff every day is beyond me.
The kids carried clothing, My boy had the underwear and socks, my girl just had her diapers.

Now remember the screws i had put in the door to keep it shut? Taking them out was worse. And the squealing of the screws against the wood could wake up the dead! I refused to move for some time after removing them, I was sure someone would come to investigate.

Opening the door felt like opening a spaceship on an alien planet. All I looked for was the familiar but it was all looking strange to me. Like I had never been here before.
My son asked if we were going in daddy's car. Had to tell him no. I was upset as I still had payments on the thing. Lets see the bank collect now!
Getting to the end of the driveway I found what the guy on top of the big truck was shooting at. It was my neighbor, or what was left. I recognized the shoes but the legs stopped just before the crotch. Everything else was in pieces. An arm was at least ten yards away, no head at all. I promptly threw up. Well there went any attempt to be the cool guy under pressure. I hope they make a movie about this one day. It will be just 100 minutes of a terrified man throwing up running like a chicken. At least it would be real.

We started down the alley walking slow and steady, me in front the kids in the middle and the wife in the rear. Three blocks took forever. Peek, dart, sneak, stop, repeat. This was also the first time we saw any other life. There were others, many others. All doing the same thing. No one talked, everyone nodded. You know, that universal nod of understanding. We were all for ourselves but we would keep out of each others way.
Some were heading to the river, not a smart move as it wound through town. But if they thought they could do it, good for them.
The main road out was just 100 yards away. I could clearly see trees dragged on to it, men with guns were standing there. No one out that way I guess.
Continuing down the alley the kids were being great. They must of had some sense of what was happening as they never said a thing. They were a godsend to me that week. Never acted up and every time I turned around I got a fresh set of batteries in me.
We were just about a quater of the way to the edge of town when trouble hit. I turned the corner of the alley, I should of looked, I know it now. But I didn't.
The first memory of this situation was the knife at my neck. The guy was acting like a complete... Well not in front of the wife. But a dogs rear end gives you an idea. He was swearing and promising to kill my kids if i didn't do as he said. The wife was clutching the kids and crying. Both of the little ones were grasping her legs for dear life.
This low life was feeding on the fear, pressing the knife harder in to my neck. He wanted the gun and now!!
Its the small things you remember when you are in situations like this. I remember he smelled bad. He hadn't washed in a long time. His fingernails were just black with dirt. The stale smell of tobacco was there as well. Need me to describe him physically? Not a clue. Hair color, eye color? Nothing..
Now I am pretty sure he hadn't handled a gun before. As he took it from my shoulder I had my opposite hand on the receiver. I had never turned the safety on. He passed the barrel right under his chin.
I had to do it you know. I still get nightmares about it. Why couldn't he just leave us alone. I had to be him or us.
I yanked the trigger.
I got burned too you know. That hurt for weeks. I still have scarring on my forehead.
The guy fell to the ground like all his muscles just disappeared. He twiched and shook. The blood was going everywhere. The wife thankfully has hustled the kids away when it happened. I think we were on the same line of thought that day. I did not stop to find out what happened next.
Our steps became faster and we made a point of getting as far away from that area as possible. Someone must of heard. My paranoia was off the charts. They all knew and they were coming for me. I was bad for a bit. The only upside was we made it to the edge of town in no time.
I came down of my high when my wife forced us all to stop and drink some water.
It had been only a short while but I was exhausted. Drained of all I have. And there was till so much more to go. People darted everywhere. We all wanted out. The pops we heard all day started in earnest. They knew we wanted out, they were not going to make it easy.
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So listen fella you nee to use the two hole? I will walk you there. Don't want to get lost now eh?

See everything is better after that.

So we were on the edge of town. Well more like the edge of the houses that were being lived in. There was a whole new neighborhood going up and half built shells were everywhere. This looked like a nightmare to me. Half done wood structures that were perfect for getting trapped in. I picked the first one and we all went inside. There were no windows on it and it only had the plywood sheathing up, nothing else.
As I looked around quickly my eye caught movement out of what was soon to be the living room window.
"Get down!" I whispered to the kids and they all sat down obedient to the word. These were not my kids.. Where was the running around and ignoring dad people I had sired? I would give them a gold medal for this.
The soldiers were coming down the street. People had hidden like gophers. Using any cover they could. One poor guy with a big backack came running down a street and ran right in to them. The soldiers shouted and he froze, hands in the air. They threw him down and ripped his pack right off. Shouting all the while. He was trying to respond, they just shout him down. They began dumping the pack on the ground, laughing and throwing the contents around.
The guy on the ground held his hands up all the time, he was begging for a chance, a chance these guys didn't give. One looked like he had had enough and point blank shot him in the chest. They continued down the road. Not a care. The guy all the while clutching his chest for the little time he had left.
I couldn't understand, and I still don't. Why just why they had to do that. Then they started in to the houses. There were screams there were pops, screaming stopped. I could hear female and male voices all screaming, all cut short. I had to create a distraction out get out of there. They were coming closer.
I rummaged through the back pack and only one idea came up. The ammunition for my rifle was varied. From hollow point for gophers, full jacket to my last choice. Sub sonic lead target bullets. The range always said use hearing protection but these things made very little noise, and with the commotion going on, no one would hear a shot go off.
My plan was simple, make a diversion and hope to god they go for it.
The windows of a house fifty yards away looked promising. The noise of those shattering would draw them the wrong way I hoped. Squatting well in the house we were in I took one shot and missed! I had totally forgot about drop and wind. I aimed again at the top third of the glass and like clockwork it shattered with a loud enough noise the soldiers whipped round and did this tactical walk while pointing the rifles they had.
This was the one chance I had afforded my family. We took it. Out the back door with no back step so it was a four foot drop. And down a future back alley. We ran and ran. I couldn't tell you how long it was. But it was long.
We didn't see many people at all during this. When we did it would be couples usually with a kid. Some singles but not much else.
The noise had become tuned out, which was a surprise to me. I thought it had gone quiet but stopping I heard all the sounds again. Pop, pop, pop. Crack! Pop...
This was getting too much for the family. The kids were now starting to misbehave. Crying. Juice boxes came out and that helped the little ones for a bit. I knew I needed shelter for an extended period. People needed sleep. The wife looked on the edge of snapping for good.
I promised to find something soon and I needed to pay up on that. The half finished places were even worse here and we had made it t the end of the new build. On the other side fields and exposed roads. Here was just as bad. Nothing to hide in. My brain nearly exploded when I saw the answer though. Storm drain!!
They hadn't installed the new storm drain on the perimeter here. Sections were all lined up waiting to be installed. I looked hopeful but it was too exposed. The installed sections in the trench looked mush more promising to me. The wife had other ideas. But after some 'its this or a bush', she relented.
Climbing down in to the trench was tricky but I did make sure we could get out. There were ladders scattered everywhere so I had many to pick from.
Climbing in the pipe, I remember it was nicer than I expected. The kids loved it and immediately sat down for snacks. I made everyone move another 30 feet down the pipe. I wanted no one to know we were there.
Soon things began to relax, The wife got a drop cloth out and made us all comfortable as could be considering the circumstances. I whipped out the esbit stove and whipped up tea in no time. The sun was starting to wane and I needed to get everyone safe for a while. My girl had fallen asleep and my boy was playing with the wifes Iphone with the promise of no sound.
I peeked out the hole making sure no one could see me. I needed an update on the situation. The fires were in full force. Nothing short of biblical rain would help. People were darting around. And from what i could see, bodies were littering the ground.

I crawled back inside the drain and sat down, rifle in hand, and cried. I was a blubbering mess for quite a while, but I needed it. After that I peeked out again and saw the sun was starting to get kinda red. So this was the first night. While the kids slept we took turns staying awake. Two hours a turn.
Before the sun went down for good that day I said a prayer for safety and to help on the second leg of this trek. In to the wilds. I was ready, but was the family?

Look I'm tired fella.
I am sorry but I am gonna need to get shut eye. The wife will get you sorted. but we will have to continue this in the morning. Plus that is when Doc comes over, He wanted to see you....
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I'm enjoying your story.

And that diversion was/is an excellent idea, one that'll remember.

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* the wait
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I started this not seeing it was in the Books section...good story
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Mornin, need some coffee? I will get the stove going, cold mornin.

Same as the morning in that storm drain. Even with the emergency blankets we were cold. It had rained in the night so all the dirt had turned to mud. The kind of mud that just would stick to your shoes making them weigh 200lbs.
We really hadn't slept at all but the kids got some and were up now. I tried to make it a posative morning by saying it was a camping adventure. I got some water boiling and opened a freeze dried breakfast. Bought these things in case of a power outage. Never really thought I would be in a situation like this. The package said eggs, it looked like eggs, but it wasn't eggs. I tried two mouthfuls and gave up. I let the rest of the family try it. The wife had just as much luck, my girl loved it. She has always ate everything we gave her. My son was not too sure but tried it anyway

I peeked out the end of the drain and got hit with cold wind and spitting rain. The ladder I had laid down was all muddy. I soon wrangled it in to the vertical and placed it right next to the end so the rest of the family could get out without getting messy. I had got my hands good and messed up but that was the least of the problems for the day.

Peeking up I scanned the area, bodies laid all around. It was quiet, no birds, no pops, nothing. I could see where we needed to go and all was clear. Without hesitation I ordered everyone out.
Now the physics of sleeping in a drain hit home as the abiltiy to stand up was hampered for a while. The main road was right there but we turned the opposite way and took the grid. Thank the planners who made the back roads all one mile by one mile. Meant we had a very good idea of where we were and gave great manouvering options.

The wind cut through my jeans, while the rain cooled me down. The kids looked cold so I whipped out socks and put them on their hands. We began to walk.

It felt like forever, we passed at least four intersections maybe more. We stopped for nature, we stopped for unknown movement, we stopped at intersections. This was slow work. I talked at length with the wife about finding transport. We agreed to go down to the main road and see if there was any abandoned cars. It took more time than I thought but we got there. There were cars, lots of them, all on the side of the road. So were the passengers, they were in the ditch. There were hundereds of them, all dead, laid like cordwood. This wasn't a revolution, this was an extermination.
The kids started to notice the bodies and asked what was going on. I had no answers, and the wife just kept saying to stay low.
I was spooked badly, and had changed my subsonic bullets to hollowpoints. Good for gophers, no idea if they would help in this situation. The cars were lining the road all makes. I went for a truck and slowly opened the cab. I wasn't going to take this one but it did have a CB radio. Thnkfully it was just powered by the lighter so it was easy to take. Just as I had it in my hands the window shatteed. I dropped like a stone and slid out of the cab. Someone had shot at me.
I think I peed myself a little. This is not what I had bargained for, and I was hyperventilating a bit. The shot came from the front so I ran crouched back three or four cars and rolled under it, chambered a round and waited. I looked back at the wife who had taken the kids in to the tree line at the sound of the shot. She couldn't see me and was in tears, clutching the kids. I was mad now. My life was torn to pieces and my family was a mess.
I raised the rifle just as two soldiers came round the truck. They were young and as far as I was concerned dead meat. I was choosing where to shoot. Leg for immobility or head for fatal. I laughed at the head shot as the pea shooter I had wouldn't penetrate, but it would cause a bad enough wound. The guy in front was the winner to me as I leveled the rifle and squeezed the trigger. His cheek exploded and he dropped screaming. His friend ran behind the truck and hid. The other guy just screaming and screaming. I thought he was loud enough to bring the whole damn army.
I had a bad thought and rolled under the car to the other side. Sure enough there was idiot number two crawling along. With another shot he was in the same situation as number one. I had to quiet them down so I got to my feet and ran to both of them. Two more shots made it all quiet.
I still don't understand fully how I could dispatch them so easily, but one look back at the family made me sort of understand. My wife was still crying but had the biggest smile, she though I was dead. That smile kept me going.
With a quick frisk I had two guns and enough ammunition for quite a while. My wife always hated guns so one of the guns got disassembled and thrown in the ditch. I kept the 22 and the other gun. With that we found a SUV and piled in. Then they came out. A family with one kid. They were pleading with us to help. I had enough stuff for my family not them. I wanted to drive. My wife looked at me with those eyes...
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Great story Sask, keep up the excellent work!
NRA Life
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Shoulda kept the gun for parts/backup.
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Very good

Thank you
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Good story. I really like the "conversations" he has with the person next to him. Explaining an attack to him seems to work very well. The story line flows along smoothly too.

Keep doing whatever it is, it is working. Thanks for sharing with us.
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