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Old 03-02-2020, 12:02 AM
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Originally Posted by EventHorizon View Post
At 9 PM I went onto the deck for a cigarette and the 13 year old wanting some time away from his younger sister went out first, I was a step behind him and his father a step behind me.

The scent of human feces was so strong that we all commented on the fact within a few seconds. The door being opened long enough for three persons to exit let in the smell so strong that the females sitting in the living room experienced the stench as well.

My guess is that the 13 year-old crop dusted you all on the way out. That was probably the real reason why he wanted to go outside in the first place: He needed to let loose, but he unleashed it too soon.
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Old 03-02-2020, 05:24 PM
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Do you have natural gas at your cabin?
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Old 03-02-2020, 10:03 PM
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Default Yes, but...

Originally Posted by Prepper_Ed View Post
Do you have natural gas at your cabin?
There's a 250 gallon tank forty feet off the Northwest corner of the cabin and five feet lower than floor level. The slight breeze was from the SSE puting it downwind not upwind and downhill as well. When we bought the place the propane tank was disconnected as there were two inside leaks. One at the stove and the other at the water heater. These were repaired and a pressure test was done by the plumbers. When the gas company tech reconnected the propane he did another pressure check which also passed.

I've grilled with propane for decades and as for the crop dusting comment; a thirty minute linger time outdoors would have to be a world record of sorts.
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Old 03-20-2020, 07:30 PM
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Originally Posted by EventHorizon View Post
Christmas 2019; the location, my cabin in Savannah TN. The wife and I had invited her neice and family for a joint vacation. The visiting family has three children; a female drama queen aged 9, a boy aged 13 and another female who's 19. The two youngest spent their time outdoors during daylight hours being loud, bickering, in other words: acting like normal juvenile siblings.

On Christmas day we cooked a turkey outdoors using a Brinkmann propane fired oiless turkey fryer that turned out amazing. At 9 PM I went onto the deck for a cigarette and the 13 year old wanting some time away from his younger sister went out first, I was a step behind him and his father a step behind me.

The scent of human feces was so strong that we all commented on the fact within a few seconds. The door being opened long enough for three persons to exit let in the smell so strong that the females sitting in the living room experienced the stench as well. The wind currents were coming from an angle that put a possible septic field field leakage being downwind as unlikely.

The scent after 30 minutes later was less intense but still there. A lot of discussion followed. I later went out with a UV flashlight and a regular flashlight and was unable to find any evidence of a septic field leak. The next day the wife used our lawn tractor mower to mulch the leaves in the back yard and also couldn't find a source or evidence for the now gone smell.

The next day my neighbor stopped by for a visit and told me about ten years ago something was making roars so loud one night that he decided there wasn't enough money in the world that could persuade him to investigate the source even if armed.

We have a surveilance camera covering the camp driveway. To date just stray dogs maybe coyotes as the distance was too far.

Was it the paper mill? I know that smell can cover the county when itís about to rain. And it smells horrible. But if u are from here you probably know that. I donít know what it could be.
(It is a small world bc Iím from Savannah, TN.)

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Old 03-24-2020, 04:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Klbsa View Post
Nothing was making sense..... I was SURE that I had heard a person on two feet walking this whole time but no human, no matter how dirty and homeless could smell that powerfully, plus the breathing I was hearing sounded more like a giant monster than a human. But monsters arenít real right? So I rationalized that it HAD to be a bear.
Possibly a bear with wounded front paws like this one:

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Old 03-25-2020, 08:52 PM
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After a bit of a hiatus, I'm baaaack. Frickin' computer.

So late last summer my reg'lar hiking / hunting / bigfooting buddy Bill and I went for our annual backpacking / fishing / BSing trip into our regular spot, a rather flat, high elevation glacial cirque in the Cascades that has a handful of big ponds / small lakes. This time we were targeting one which sits out on a finger ridge with an 800 foot sheer drop into a canyon on one side and about 200-250 feet of sheer drop on the other side .. no through trails to anywhere, dead end. So we were expecting nothing, just gab and grub, and maybe a few trout.

It was end of august, skeeters starting to peter out but the yellowjacket numbers just taking off.

We stopped at the lower trailhead to use the USFS facilities 'cause they're in the sun and have fewer bugs then the one at the upper trailhead in the shade. While I was in "doing my biz" apparently there were 3 wood knocks from the ridge. I didn't hear 'em. While I was out lacing up my boots and Bill was doing his "dooty" I heard a knock, hardest wood knock I've ever heard. No crash, no other sounds of trees falling, no sounds of anything bouncing after, just one big ol' KRACK, sounded like a 10" diameter log about 15 feet long wound up an swung like a bat. Holy sh*t!!

So, y' know, we're like ... 'k, there's our "activity", now lets go catch some fish. We hiked in to where we usually camp, then about 2.2 miles farther to the lake on the ridge. The cascade huckleberries were awesome, best crop, best timing, I remember in a long time. Just before we dropped down to camp, we saw a bear .. or at least probably a bear .. bookin' off through the brush about 125 yards away heading for .. anywhere else. We set up camp by the lake, tents about 20 feet apart. Ate dinner. Took turns going around the corner and washing the trail sweat off in the lake. I set up an audio recorder just barely over the other side of the ridge from camp.

So, backing up a little .. this camp is about a quarter mile from where I was in 2011 when I heard the big "ahhhh" "roar" from across the canyon, 2-1/4 miles at least. And I still don't know what that was. Part of the reason for camping where we did was for the small chance of a repeat with a better recorder, better mic, in hopes of figuring out just what that "roar" was.

Anyways, as it got towards dark it got a little breezy and cold so we went to bed within a half hour of dark. I laid there for a while wrestling with low back problems. Out of the dark, from around the lake above my head as I was laying, opposite side of camp from Bill, comes "knock". Now, this was no big power knock, it was fairly quiet and it came from about 30 feet from me. I laughed. Didn't expect "them" out on that dead end ridge, but seemed like we sure had company. Over the next hour there were many knocks, probably upwards of 40 total, all from the same place. There would be groups of 2-3 knocks each 6-7 seconds apart, then a quiet gap of 3-5 minutes, then another little cluster. The whole time I was laying there grinning ear to ear enjoying whatever the heck it was they were doing.

That ended, rudely and abruptly, 1 hour and 4 minutes from when it began. Instead of a knock, there was a vocalization and it was the weirdest thing I have ever heard. I went borderline panic attack. First time in a very long time I was truly scared in the woods and wanted to be somewhere, anywhere, else. That noise was a bit louder, but not real loud. Y' gotta think about these as a layer cake of sound, not one after the other, but one on top of the other. Y' know what a raccoon "chuckle" sounds like? That's the first layer. The second layer was pops and clicks. The third layer was pops, but they were elongated, drawn out, several at the same time, some of them rising in pitch while others were falling in pitch. It was the weirdest, most unearthly sound I have ever heard. And terrifying.

But then silence, normal forest, and since I wasn't dead, I went to sleep. Struggled a little but I got enough. Had some moon through the trees for a while.

We got up the next morning, had breakfast, made a few casts, caught nothing, looked around camp for any explanations for the noise, found nothing, packed out, and headed back to the regular spot 2.2 miles back. More huckleberries. Ran into a bear .. bear for sure that time, got to watch it for a while. Ran into a yellowjacket nest and got stung a couple times. Back at the lake we had thousands of trout schooled up but none biting. Ate lunch, and hiked on back to the truck. No further events.

Well, I reviewed the audio. From like 10:52 to 11:56 pm sure enough I could hear the knocks on the recording. I did not hear that vocalization, didn't pick up. That sucks. A bit over an hour later, the audio showed something I had not heard. For about 45 minutes some deer on the other side of the ridge from us stomped and "blew" .. something was bugging them.

Anyway, that was about all of my creepy outdoors for 2019. I don't know what that noise was.
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Old 03-25-2020, 10:18 PM
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When I was about 8 years old, my mom was having a garage sale. We lived on an old 4 lane highway (old hwy 84 in SW Mississippi) that was no longer a main highway and so it wasn't really busy. It was a very rural area and houses were far enough apart you felt isolated. As the summer evening rolled around my mom was wrapping up and had gone inside when a large rusty red truck pulled down our gravel drive and up to the carport. I assumed the man with the red beard who got out was there for the garage sale. I thought nothing of it as he knelt down and starting talking to my little brother who was about 5 or 6. I was about 15 feet away so couldn't hear what he said but remember feeling anxious like my mom could miss a sale because this guy may take the absence of any adults as a sign the sale is over and may leave, so I yell for her really loudly and as I do, this man jumps to his feet, scrambles to his truck and leaves quickly enough that he sprays us with gravel a little. I remember being so confused for a moment wondering what I did or said wrong but I shrugged it off.

I was thinking about it days later when I suddenly come to the conclusion he was trying to kidnap my little brother.
I told my parents who kinda brushed it off, my mom convincing me I misunderstood or made it up, partly because my very controlling and jealous dad always accused my mom of being too busy socializing on the phone which she wasnt allowed to do after he got home in the evenings, or with some secret lover, to watch us properly while he was at work so I know she wouldnt have wanted to give him any more ammunition for wild accusations so didn't allow the conversation to go further.

I could be wrong and will never know but this was an odd response to a child calling for their mother if they had stopped in for the yard sale. Gives me the creeps to this day. My brother will ask me about it from time to time and wants me to recount the story to him as it kinda creeps him out as well though he has no recollection of it.
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backpacking, camping, ghost, hiking, stories

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