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Old 11-10-2019, 04:47 PM
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Default Computer monitor for free

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Last year I was looking to upgrade my computer monitor to a 4k one. I spent a few weeks off and on looking at reviews plus talking to my brother who had just built a new computer and had done research on monitors.

Finally I found the one that I wanted that was in my price range. I also noticed that my local Best Buy said they had it in stock. I usually am not a fan of Best Buy I figured id get it there anyway. I went there and it turned out that they had just sold the last one but could have it shipped to my house for no cost but it wouldnt get to my place till that Friday(this was on a Monday). I figured why not and ordered it to be shipped.

That night I was on the computer and looked on Amazon and noticed that a monitor that I had wanted more then the one I ordered was on sale for less than the Best Buy one and I could have it Wednesday. Cool. So I ordered it and talked to Best Buy to have that one canceled. I was told that the one I ordered from Best Buy was already processed but the operator would put the request through but couldnt promise it wouldnt ship. I was told that if it does arrive to print out the return slip that I would be emailed and send it back at the local UPS store. No problem I am thinking.

Wednesday comes and the Amazon one arrives. I set it up no problem. Friday arrives, and yep, here comes the monitor from Best Buy. No problem, I ship it back that Saturday.

2 or 3 weeks goes by and I had actually forgotten about the Best Buy monitor. Suddenly one evening the door bell rings and I sitting in front of the door is the same type of monitor that I had ordered from Best Buy. I was confused and then I realized it wasnt just the same type of monitor, it was the same one I had sent back. I recognized a tear in a corner of the box. This really confused me.

I called up their customer service and explained what happened. I was point blank told that they had not shipped a monitor to me and they had no idea what I was talking about. I even emailed a picture of it to them as I did not want to be charged for it and wanted to get this taken care of. I received another email from them saying that that monitor wasnt from them (despite the label saying Best Buy), that they had not shipped one to me and to stop harassing them.

At this point I pretty much, screw up, I give up trying to return your merchandise. I kept an eye on the bank and they never took any money from me so I havent been worried about it. As it was I had no need for another monitor but figured that I would in the future so i kept it in the box for the last year or so.

Today my wife starting talking about getting a TV for our room and it came to me to hook a spare firestick that we have up to the Best Buy Monitor. As I was taking it out of the box I noticed a second address slip that was dated after the date I sent it back. It was addressed to a lady in another town a bit away ( from our old address). I think what happened was that when I sent it back, whoever processed the return didnt take off the shipping address to me and just slapped a new slip onto it and shipped out to someone else who ordered it.

I would actually feel a bit guilty about the hassell I am sure this lady had to go through to get her monitor but I went above and beyond to get the monitor back to Best Buy.

Moral of the story, Best Buy sucks when it comes to shipping stuff.
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Old 11-10-2019, 06:09 PM
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Good to know. I have an Insignia 24 inch TV that has been a good worker for me but that's the extent of my experience.
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Old 11-11-2019, 07:39 AM
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Hahaha, crazy story.

I ordered ammo from Midway USA once. I had clicked on various surplus ammo items, then changed my mind and unclicked the items I did not want.

Of course, they sent absolutely everything I had ever clicked on, but charged for just what I ordered. Because it was so heavy, they did not want it back.

So I ended up with 4 boxes of India-made 308 ammo for free and 2 tins of 7.62x56R surplus plus some cheapo 22 ammo. Hahahaha, no surprise they did not want it back. I've never used any of it. The India 308 is known to "explode" in the gun and my Russian M44 gun is so inaccurate, it can't even hit the paper at 50 yards after 4 shots.
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Old 11-11-2019, 09:47 AM
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A few years back I got tired of arguing with people about their mistakes that hurt THEM...

Now I tell them once, if they don't after being told... Gear adrift is a gift.
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Old 11-11-2019, 12:05 PM
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put the M44 ammo on Armslist. It has been going for big money around here.
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