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I always figured it was the wind farms.
We coyote hunt on a wind farm, the 'yotes come in to eat all the dead birds under the windmills.

Locally though, we have a ton of birds. Still the huge clouds of starlings? over the fields, and thousands of grackles on the power lines.
We have blue jays in our yard daily, same with cardinals, as well as all the regular wrens, sparrows etc... I think we have a Carolina Wren that visits occasionally. Cool little bird.
We also have a pair of Eurasian Collard Doves live in our pine tree out front, and had an Eastern Screech Owl in our other tree out front a couple nights ago.
Had Barn Owls in our Catalpa tree maybe three years ago. The hummers are pretty rare, but we haven't put out a feeder in a while.

I'm glad though, we really enjoy them.
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