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Originally Posted by ~Black.Dog~ View Post
My thought, too.
But maybe it was on purpose. It gave him time to smoke some out and establish who is for real.
Better yet, it gave an opportunity to see who they networked with and establish patterns and track them to their handlers.
We have a big problem in government with the entrenched Deep State. Its imperative that when the move to take them down is made, all possible loose ends and connections are accounted for and as much documentation as possible is gathered. None of that could be done if he just fired everybody on day one.
He had a hard enough time as it was with appointments and confirmations trying to start out with a functional administration.
I think Bolton might have even been kind of under investigation when Trump hired him. I remember being a little shocked and disappointed. Looking back, I think he did it to flush out more of what he was up to. It turns out that Bolton took money from a Ukranian oligarch as well. Who else was he talking to?

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He has been doing this the entire time he has been in office. Look back and think... all the hiring and firing... The crime doesn't get you, when you make people scramble, the coverup does.
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