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Talking Shade or Agroforestry

Originally Posted by thyme2bprepped View Post
To get ready for the new additions to our farm we have some things to do, and quite a few questions.

4. Shade - Our pasture doesn't have any until very late in the evening. We planted 2 weeping willows last year, but they haven't grown much yet. In the meantime we are thinking to make something like a carport, or a hoop house built of PVC with shadecloth or tarp. Not sure yet, haven't drawn up any plans for that. Might want to make it mobile in case we divide the pasture into quarters and rotate their grazing.
You may find the USDAís Agroforestry resources useful, specifically the silvopasture ones:

But, my inclination is that two trees arenít much shade or much of a forest. Too, willows arenít edible; why not consider more trees, i.e., apples, pears, oaks, etc?
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