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Originally Posted by INresponse View Post
Why does the government demand adults wear a seat belt when the government allows people to ride motorcycles, or worse to ride bicycles on busy roadways? Why in many states does the government allow adults to ride motorcycles without a helmet but demands seat belt tickets for adults inside a car? Motorcycles and bicycles, involved in an accident with a motor vehicle, are far more dangerous and fatal than accidents with people inside a car so why does the government demand safety in a car and allow the unprotected driving of a motorcycle?

If adults choose to take the risk that is a decision they make for their personal safety. Tabulate the facts, share the facts, but allow adults to choose for themselves. Freedom of choice? Isn't that all the rage these days?
I agree. I ride motorcycles, I generally use a helmet, I only don't when I am riding near home, at low speeds. Yes, I know, more accidents close to home, and low speed doesn't matter when you hit things with your noggin. But I'm in a rural place, low traffic density, no blind curves or boy racers around, I'll take the risk.

I generally, but not always, wear a seat belt. Again, if I am heading out of town, they go on.
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