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Originally Posted by HappyinID View Post
Sorry, when you said "These seem to be the hot new 32 to have" I should have realized what you meant.

My bad.
No problem. I knew they weren't new guns. Most report the ones they have were made around 1980.

Interesting. I find the little Kel Tec to be more pleasant to shoot than my PPK's in .380, but that illustrates differences in personal differences in feel.
My bud bought an FEG PA-63 in 9mm Makarov, a supposed copy of the actuall Makarov and both of us think that it recoils more than a Makarov even though its the same basic gun. But it hurts my palm to shoot it. My bud will shoot about two mags and he is done with it. On the other hand full bore 158gr 357 rounds from my 4" GP-100 are nothing to shoot.
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