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Hey everyone!!
Im a enthusiast who recently took a extreme interest in current science, and past solar events and revolutions on the earth.

Goal is a dream survivalist home*. Totally under ground and life sustainable.
For short term, and several escape methods.

Im a master welder, mechanic, construction artist, and inventor.
N. Tesla Enthusiast.

Home budget is 1.5 - 3 Million.

Enough to support 30 people (or 2 kids for 1) for up to 45 days or longer.

Im inventing a boring machine to bury with me.

Pressure swings sustainably. Oxygen systems. Etc.

I can tank some and seperate some. The budget i am hoping will be enough to cover that.. i know its complicated.

While also of course having multiple vent systems, the boring machine will be pressure sealed and inflatable.

Really not that complicated in 2019..

Weve had them for 60 years+.

Anywho. I hope i can be a sponge here and, maybe, help someone else.

I have another invention that will help with solar wind, or radiation shielding, utilizing magnetic fields.
Still in the thoughts and not on paper yet.

The poles will continue to accelerate...years* before the current pole shift occurs, that also flips our suns field, causing it to fart on us with 15% magnetosphere shielding.
Not good.
All we can do is the best we can anyway.

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