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Originally Posted by Logit View Post
I would question the quality of the product. The company is an "unknown entity".

A known company here in the States is MFJ Enterprises. Known quality and reliability.

Amplifier :


The company also sells single band SSB xcvrs. Trust you are a licensed Amateur Radio Operator.
Must be a different MFJ than the one I know. Has gained the nickname "Mighty Fine Junk". A well earned nickname. The models in your first link to are Chinese made. A slight step above Baofeng in quality. Serviceable but in my opinion over priced for the quality.

As to the transceiver, I'd search around the internet to see if anyone has reviewed it. Even if you get it built it may be a poor design. It requires winding your own coils. Do you have the test equipment that's needed to troubleshoot at a detailed level?