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Originally Posted by Asag View Post
Once upon a time I believed participating in global surveillance programs was beneficial but I now consider it detrimental to the liberty of citizens of all nations involved.
Unfortunately, NOT participating in them is detrimental to the health and welfare of citizens of all nations, everywhere.

But I still agree with you, in principal.

I just wish the media would stop trying to run the show. It should be simple...someone from country X bombs citizens or facilities in country Y, country Y investigates, determines yep, they are from country X, and asks country X to handle their business.

If country X can’t or won’ Y steps in and handles it for them, without any politicians or media scum second guessing or micromanaging things of which they have absolutely no understanding beyond the dogma preached by the left.

The shores of Tripoli aren’t just words in a song...they were America’s first international “get off my lawn, and quit acting like terrorist pirates” action.

We could use a few more of those types of responses in this world, by more than just the US, IMHO.
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