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Originally Posted by paintballarmsdealer View Post
Unless of course he's got other types of ammo besides paint balls. Some people should really do there research before assuming and making such statement as yours. Here have a look for your self. Then come back and let me know if you change your mind.

Now multiply that pain by a factor of X 5 with 200 solid 100 grain 6.5 gram projectiles and you have the MB68P breaker ball with more concentrated kinetic energy than a been bag round with twice the range.

Hey OP if you do decide to go this rout send me a message and I'll set you up with a nice little care package because this is what I do and yours is one of the reasons I do it for. Stay safe Michael
We used to use marbles in our paintball guns as kids (not to shoot eachother, but creatures, etc). We were ''too young'' to buy paintballs from Walmart, according to the cashier, so we came back up to the counter with huge bags of marbles The look on his face I will never forget.

They were pretty damn effective too, took out some large critters which I wont mention to avoid flaming.. I sure as hell wouldn't wanna get hit with one, I don't doubt it could cause death with relative ease.

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