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Originally Posted by NW GUY View Post
IF YOU want to see a really well done movie about that topic, it is

IF that doesn't give you nightmares ....
Dat movie.... They made one minor mistake in that movie, in my opinion. They made the CDC and WHO superior in knowledge to Osterholm/CIDRAP, and no to that! Itwas so accurate I was shocked.

How long it would take would be dependent on the actual mutation that was able to cross to the index-case human. Worst case is lightning spread,and the victim dead in less than 24 hours from exposure.

If it's TOO deadly, the hosts die quickly, and it has a a hard time spreading. If it is not so deadly, but has efficient spread, it will create misery but not a disaster.

Want to know rhe difference in Bird Flu and Pig Flu?

Wiith Bird Flu, you need tweetment.
With Pig Flu you just need an oinkment.
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