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Originally Posted by letsgetreal View Post
Actually Iraq is considered the cradle of civilization, but it's a stretch to imply one culture stole martial arts from another culture. It is most likely martial artists traveled and expanded their martial art to other cultures. Most all cultures began by just fighting each other, but then some began studying how animals fought and incorporated those, while others stuck to study of the human movements. Even the Brazilians admit their Jujitsu was copied from the movements of the Anaconda.
I never said anyone stole anyone's martial arts,just that i think martial arts spread from Greece through India and into Asia with Alexanda the Great and there are a few historians that think this could be true.

BJJ was created by the Gracies and has its origins in Japan JJ.

Japans martial arts originate from China, China's martial arts originate from India and so on.

Many authorities contend that the fourth century B.C.E. conquest of India by Alexander the Great laid the foundation of Indian martial arts by dispersing pankration techniques throughout the subcontinent.[6][7] Notable figures, such as Tatsuo Suzuki, Hirokazu Kanazawa, and Masutasu Oyama have pointed out the influence of Pankration on Indian martial arts.[8]
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