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I inherited a Timex windup from my grandmother that's about the size of a quarter. It's small enough to not snag on anything, is completely waterproof, and I wear it attached to a camo nylon security band that has a Velcro flap that covers the crystal so it won't flash at an inopportune time, and protects it from scratches.
One winding every morning and it's good until the next morning.
It has an integrated stop watch function that consists of watching the second hand move to determine how long it takes for something to happen. The only extravagance is is a little number window that counts up from 1 to 31.
Absolutely, positively guaranteed not to be affected by EMP.
The band has a small Velcro pouch that will hold a couple fish hooks and a about twenty feet of 10lb test along with a pouch of aluminum foil that would be used to signal and a small flint and steel.
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