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First I will say that I enjoyed your post, as you take the time to explain in some depth.

Longer blades were just as difficult to access as the handgun in the cramped confines of a vehicle with a plate-carrier on.
I understand why you would think so, but it depends on where the longer blade is carried, longer blade as in the 7" tanto I advocated. If the blade is carried to the front of the side, above the waist, where the natural geometry of the arm being such that one can simply grasp the handle of the blade with the arm against the body, draw the blade in an upward motion, blade down and edge forward, still without extending outwards away from the body, then a slash/punch could be employed, and on the recovery, straight back to the body, a slight change of tip angle can achieve a stab into the side of the neck, or down behind the clavicle into the chest cavity.

This is why I thought the push dagger limited in comparison to the tanto, both can be employed with a punching motion, shallow stab for the push dagger, slash with the tanto ( held blade down, edge forward), but the tanto affords one more opportunities at that point, the hooking back or downward stab which at a minimum is going to throw the opponent temporarily off balance, if not incapacitate him. The push dagger could only afford a slash on recovery, no deep penetration, no hooking to throw the opponent off balance.

Just my opinion of course, but I think the tanto could easily be employed within six inches of space.

I had to wear armor for advising, often in the close quarters of an up-armored vehicle
This is a horror to me, as I get somewhat claustrophobic in such circumstances. Things get really desperate and ugly in the clinch in fighting, and that is exactly your starting point if violence starts, as you described it, packed into those vehicles. I prefer my war environment over what you guys had to deal with, the jungle, no armor, no confining steel boxes full of people one could not trust, just the jungle, where one could hide, strike from ambush, withdraw into the darkness of the vegetation if necessary.

My Concealed Weapons License covers knives the same as handguns.
I was told by the deputy dealing with such things that knives were not covered by the concealed weapons license in NC. I thought this to be absurd, but then I think a lot of the law is absurd. So if I carry any blade such as a tanto, push dagger, etc, I am at risk of arrest for doing so.

In general I think most people are more fearful of knives than they are of firearms, and so they demand laws to disallow anybody carrying blades that are really effective for defense/offense.

I get tired of hearing this; in a knife fight both people will get cut. In a sense this has a high probability, but the reality is so much more. We hypnotize ourselves with these sorts of sayings, and thereby limit ourselves. Many people will not even attempt to take advantage of training in blades, out of fear that it would be futile, as in they are definitely going to get cut no matter how much they know.

A case in point, a true story, not me, that you may find entertaining and informative. This knife fight lasted no more than three seconds from the first strike. Person A runs person B off the road into a ditch with his vehicle. Both exit their respective vehicles. Person A is armed with a small knife, possibly a folder, kept close to body. Person B is armed with a gerber mk II hidden behind right thigh. Persons A and B approach one another. Person B asks WTF, and gets nailed with a fast left hook to the head by person A. This is where it goes into overdrive. Person A attempts to follow up hook with jab with knife in right hand. Person B upon receiving strike to head attempts thrust to midsection of person A with knife. Person A turns slightly to avoid thrust to midsection. Knife of person B misses body of Person A because of turn, but blade impacts person A at the inside elbow of right arm on recovery from attempted thrust. The force of the return results in a cut to Person A's right arm from the inside elbow to the outside wrist, to the bone, severing muscle, tendons, arteries, veins. Person A drops his knife, staggers backward in shock with immediate massive blood loss, and at this point person B could have easily killed him. Fight ended at this point, and companion of person A rushes his buddy to the hospital, which saves his life.

Person B talks to law enforcement a few days later, and no action is taken by law enforcement. The logic of the law enforcement being that person A was a scumbag, from a family of the same, and they wished they would all meet an untimely demise. A week earlier one of the family had shot one of their own family with a shotgun over some disagreement, nearly killing them.

So, a knife fight, with only one cut to one participant. From what I have heard from people who have experience in these things, this is not unusual, and especially so if one person is trained and the other is not. This would lead the logical person to conclude that acquiring all the training one can in this form of combat would be advantageous. No this does not mean that one should seek out opportunities to get in knife fights, because as I said, there is a high probability of being injured, but that is by no means a certainty, especially with acquired expertise.
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