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This forum always cracks me up. Guy asks for something lightweight, cost isn't a factor, and he gets replies from guys using arguably heavy (2-3x a lightweight solution), and certainly bulky solutions.

Plenty of cottage companies out there are making solid down quilts and sleeping bags. I've used zpacks and enlightened equipment, both great and recommended but these days I'd probably go EE between the two.

My 20F down bag is a legit, warm and comfy 20F down bag when paired with the proper pad(s) underneath. I typically use an xtherm (never had an issue with leaks) for colder months, and carry a cut down ~ 200g zrest pad for general use (it's one of my few luxury weight items) and sleeping pad backup duties.

For reference my bag (kind of a bag/quilt hybrid) is 19oz, isn't the lightest available these days by any means and packs down fairly small. My bag has water resistant material, but new bags have that in addition to treated down. Really, anyone using down should also be using a waterproof stuff sack; I use a zpacks cuben stuff sack and it's been great.
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