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It is interesting to me that this thread has been bumped. I recently went back to work in an office that handles tax resolution issues and accounting. We office share with an attorney who is a general practitioner so I've picked up some freelance paralegal work, too.

I dress professionally but do not worry if my ink shows ... I remember back in the early 90s working in a law office where a woman had to wear bandaids over the tattoos on her ankle. People were ALWAYS asking her what she did to her ankle to which she would respond "I have a tattoo." Lol

Anyway, my boss and I were talking just the other day that not a single, solitary client -- most of whom are elderly -- has said a word, good OR bad, about them. I have to admit I am slightly surprised as I have had complete strangers comment about my tats, and more than a few people touch them. Used to freak me out a bit -- now I just take it in stride.
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