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Rant on ladies! It is refreshing to hear so many different takes on the subject without condensation.

The gentleman in question was being passive aggressive, but I doubt he even got that.

Your real choice is how to respond: Educate him, take a stand down approach or just simply choose to graciously accept the compliment and ignore the inappropriate part.

His age and level of courtesy would determine my response.

Bottom line, I'm sorry you were dissed. I have to remind myself not to stare or touch tats. I love how some are exquisite works of art and I get drawn to them. I almost slid my hand over a nicely shaped and inked bicep once. Caught myself and walked away before he noticed. How inappropriate and embarrassing. He would probably been offended when I just wanted to appreciate the gorgeous tiger moving through a jungle when he flexed.
Oh my! Glad we are ladies here.

I have no tats because I can't make up my mind where.
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