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Originally Posted by francessanne View Post
you're tatoos had no meaning to him, so you can't expect him to even want to hear your side. men are not women. men are visual and sexual creatures. if it is his preference to see just skin, than that is his preference. i knew a guy who didn't even like beauty marks or freckles...just clear beautiful skin.

this man was paying you a compliment by calling you beautiful just as you were the day you were created you even though you are an older woman. accept it for what it was even though it was not perfect.
It was rude. Plain and simple. Whether couched in a compliment or not, it's not within his right to say such a mean thing to anyone. Unfortunately it seems as some people get older they think they have the right to spout their opinion about other people's personal choices. Fine. Do it. But eventually you are going to run into someone who gives it right back.

I got my first tattoo at the age of 44. Strangers not liking it or wrinkling their noses at it don't hurt my feelings. My family, who know the reason for the tattoo (in memory of my daughter), wrinkling their noses, that hurts! Most strangers actually comment at how beautiful it is if they say anything (it looks like a photograph of autumn leaves).
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