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Originally Posted by hoodoo View Post
Not our problem. They're greedy just like the promoters and climbers. Greed, greed, greed. They're making 8 x the typical wages while merely being enablers for idiots that shouldn't be climbing anyway.

More than one....and no, I'm all for people being foolish if they want - thinning of the herd - the exploitation of the Sherpas is more of a concern...and just the whole bad taste surrounding the whole thing....the Nepalese Gov't gets $100k and the Sherpas get $5k. Maybe the corrupt Govt could give some of their profits to the Sherpa communities? Go read some articles (by climbers even) about the feeling of using Sherpa guides....many 'real' climbers don't consider that you've even climbed Everest if you have guides carrying your O2 tanks and supplies for you.....

I have probably read the same books.

And you would know even within the community of "real" climbers there are subsets in that group that have different level of acceptable risk. So I guess only the top level solo free climbers get a say?

I think we all need to accept that everyone climbing Everest has accepted the risk they are taking and deem it tolerable for their own personal situation.

I find it interesting on a board like this that personal responsibility and freedom of action be the discussion of restriction.

Everest is one of those places on the outer edges of human survivability and everyone who goes up above 6500 knows that while they may receive some assistance from their fellow climbers, when it all goes pear shaped they are ultimately on their own.

Definitely not within my comfort zone, but who am I to restrict what others may wish do.
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