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Originally Posted by InOmaha View Post
You were one of the lucky ones, just like the people that survive Everest.

I travel so I know the risks of most forms of it. I never understood forcing oneself onto a boat with thousands of other people, in a smaller than average hotel room, and no good way off it once out to sea. Cruises to me are like going to Disney. Over crowded and over priced everything, due to being a captive audience.

Not sure what the draw is to climb Everest. Someone's already done it. But given the dangers, I'm surprise some rich guy like Musk hasn't set up a high priced method to get people to the top safely and in style; with a dome up there so rich people can dine with the view. Just like how they want to charge people $1 million to get into space.
I was thinking about that, but I doubt a helicopter would function that high.
Would need a hot air balloon maybe and very strong thrusters to maintain position in high winds. Maybe a harpoon to tether it for loading and unloading the fools with money.

I guess one helicopter did make it to the top of Everest.

"In 2005, Eurocopter claimed a helicopter landing on the summit of Everest. It was a serial Ecureuil/AStar AS 350 B3 piloted by the Eurocopter X test pilot Didier Delsalle. They reported landing on the summit for 2 minutes before returning to Lukla.

According to an interview with climber and helicopter pilot Simone Moro, the Fishtail helicopters are rated to reach an altitude of 23,051’/7026m but have flown as high as 7400m. This would be between Camp 3 and the South Col on Everest.

As of 2012, the highest Fishtail will go for a rescue or body recovery is Camp 2 at 21,000’/6400m. The terrain is a contributing factor with a flat, stable area free of crevasses required. The Lhotse Face is steep and icy."
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