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Originally Posted by Don H View Post
I've been on a dozen cruises, never had a problem.
Planes crash, cars wreck, trains derail, people get struck by lightening on the gopher course. Safer to just stay home, except slips, trips and falls in the home are a leading cause of accidental death. And most car accidents happen within 7 miles of your home (you should move ).

Now back to the subject at hand, Everest.
You were one of the lucky ones, just like the people that survive Everest.

I travel so I know the risks of most forms of it. I never understood forcing oneself onto a boat with thousands of other people, in a smaller than average hotel room, and no good way off it once out to sea. Cruises to me are like going to Disney. Over crowded and over priced everything, due to being a captive audience.

Not sure what the draw is to climb Everest. Someone's already done it. But given the dangers, I'm surprise some rich guy like Musk hasn't set up a high priced method to get people to the top safely and in style; with a dome up there so rich people can dine with the view. Just like how they want to charge people $1 million to get into space.
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