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Originally Posted by leadcounsel View Post
Yet all those activities are very safe and by comparison practically ultra safe compared to Everest. Deaths from driving, flying, boating, etc. are statistical rounding errors whereas death on Everest is common, and serious injury a likelihood, and misery (from oxygen depletion and deep freezing temps) a certainty.

And from the books I've read the climber can only stay on top of Everest for a minute or a few minutes. And then must immediately begin descent.

A human is literally cutting years off his life and slowly dying at that altitude. The climb up is only 1/2 way. Many deaths are on the way down due to killing your brain from low oxygen, confusion, fatigue, etc.

A big difference between an accident that happens through daily activities that are relatively safe if you are responsible, and putting your body in an environment it was not meant to survive in, ever.

For the entire ascension and descent once your beyond 8k meters or so, you are literally dying.

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