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Originally Posted by leadcounsel View Post
I can't have an opinion? And who says I can't have an opinion?

The bottom line is once again, rich people exploiting poor people and the environment.

They go up the mountain and trash it. They hire and pay poverty wages to put Sherpas in unreasonably high risk of injury or death. Looking at the stats, there's about a 1 in 15 chance of death and among deaths about 1 in 5 is a Sherpa... that's an extremely dangerous job for which Sherpas make something like 10% of the overall cost layout... ($5000 of $50,000 total cost, for instance), yet the Sherpas are the KEY to success.
You say “exploit”, a capitalist says “employ”.

Who are you to decide how much they should make, or demand? Who are you to say they shouldn’t be allowed to legally earn money any way they want?

Lawyers kill more people than Everest, and they cost FAR more money as well.

Let’s ban lawyers, the world would be a far better place.
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