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Originally Posted by InOmaha View Post
I feel the same way about cruises. Over priced and dangerous. There aren't that many cruise ships out there, yet they seem to have more problems with disease, storms, breakdowns, etc. (and worst sinking) than other forms of overpriced vacationing. Packed on a boat with thousands of other people and the view is just water. Not to mention don't go on a cruise if you're having any difficulties with your spouse.

Better to fly to Europe and spend your tens of thousands there.
I've been on a dozen cruises, never had a problem.
Planes crash, cars wreck, trains derail, people get struck by lightening on the golf course. Safer to just stay home, except slips, trips and falls in the home are a leading cause of accidental death. And most car accidents happen within 7 miles of your home (you should move ).

Now back to the subject at hand, Everest.
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