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Originally Posted by America's Patriot View Post
$50,000-$90,000 to walk up a mountain? Sherpa's only make between $3K and $5K annually serving as escorts. Couldn't you just bypass all the insane prices and go straight to a Sherpa and say "I'll give you $3000 cash to walk me to the top"?
Unless you were a seasoned climber you'd die lmao. You can't just "walk up". You're at altitudes that shut your body down, deplete you of oxygen to dangerous levels, and can encounter 150 mph winds at sub zero temps.

I'll definitely pass on such a fool's errand. I spent a treacherous winter in the mountains of Afghanistan. I know what it's like to battle frostbite and hypothermia and test the very limits of my gear in sub zero temperatures. It's a misery I won't willingly return to.

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