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Originally Posted by 9111315 View Post
Where do you think that 5 to 6 figures is going.

The money that the sherpas make will change 100's of 1,000's of lives. Even the higher tech job of filling O2 bottles is helping people earn a living. Even back home, hiring trainers. Buying equipment. Boarding your cat for 3 months while you are off on you climb. The money goes to many working people. Why would you take that away from them?

Given the option of showing up on someone's doorstep and just handing them life changing cash may not be a good thing. To many, it would be like winning the lottery.

The recipients would need to put forth some effort. Paying for someone's college would be worthwhile. They have to work for those grades.

In the end, the money is not wasted.
Well, about 1/4 of it goes to the purchase of the ticket which is a Royalty for Nepal, with some going to sherpas. The balance is for training and gear. Those sherpas are doing extremely pointless dangerous work. Lots of them die getting rich foreigners to the top and back.

100% of it is for the individual with a self-absorbed totally narcissistic view of the world.

Just because one incidentally employs others in his quest for self-gloat, does not justify the expenses. Same with flying private jets, shooting endangered animals, and so forth. The incidental folks employed doesn't offset the stupid selfishness of it. And it's well known the Sherpas are critical to the climb, yet extremely exploited in the equation. They take massive risks for very little money.

"The Nepal government earns around $3.25 million as royalty fees from climbers every season. It charges $11,000 per person for climbing the 8,000-meter peak. Nepalís economy is largely built on Everest expeditions. However, very little actually goes to the sherpas."
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