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Originally Posted by HomeDefense View Post
Most of the brass knuckles I've seen in stores are novelty items (intended to be paperweights) that are more likely to damage your hand than your opponent's head. Be careful if you decide to buy one.

States are also legalizing switchblades. Arizona legalized them maybe 5 to 7 years ago.
I don't follow knife laws, but I noticed a year or two ago that a bill to legalize switchblades and assisted opening had gone through. Don't know if it was signed or not.

Really not my thing I'm happy with a good locking knife with a thumb stud. I oil them up and just keep working them till they flip for me.

I view them like bump stocks. Not my thing, but if you want one you should be able to have one.

Knuckles to me really are a novelty, probably because I have never seen a decent set that like stated wouldn't damage your hand more than the person you hit. Coin rolls seem to work great though from what I have seen.
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