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Originally Posted by Bazooka Joe View Post
And I've heard that postcards also get read - something from your local area. You can just put a short message on it - "Please vote NO on X. Have a nice day." In case you don't feel like you can write a whole letter.
With my little group -- every so often we have a letter writing campaign -- the last time we announced one before hand -- every member who attended brought at least 4 to 5 letters from friends -- about 75-ish in total -- all hand written

Remember this --

dooooo-wayne -- received over 200+ letters before he even called a public meeting -- from us - NYSRPA and a few other sportsman's groups --

Just like the NRA -- its called - grass-roots

The last one I wrote -- "Even though I don't live in your district -- If you go through with this anti-American / anti- second amendment law -- I will do what ever I can to campaign for your next opponent and kick your ass out of office"