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Originally Posted by leadcounsel View Post
Bad but not unforeseen news.

The diseased of anti-gunners is spreading. Coming to state near you soon. NOBODY is safe. These blue states were red pro-gun states just a few election cycles ago.

Votes count, folks. Votes count.

Let's look at Washington, a state controlled by King County.

Population of WA - 7 million.
Population of King County - 2 million, or 28%
Population of Tacoma - 200,000, or 2%

Together, the REST of the state of WA is 70% of the voting population. Yet loses because dumb ****s don't vote. They need to VOTE TRUMP! VOTE REPUBLICAN!

The lazy defeatist attitude plays out in California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, etc. and huge states are controlled by urban areas because GUN OWNERS DON'T VOTE INTELLIGENTLY!

National Elections bring out about 120 million, usually split close to 50/50 or 60 million per side. Last few elections have swung on between 1-10 million votes. The entire nation and POTUS is elected on a few million votes.

But GUN OWNERS are about 150 MILLION strong. Given that only about 60 million vote for the pro-gun candidate, that tells me that a LOT of gun owners simply don't vote. That is f****** insane.

Gun owners MUST UNITE - we are a HUGE voting block. Get every **** gun owner you know to vote Republican this election to stop this nonsense. HELP THEM UNDERSTAND. We MUST take this nation back. One vote, one elected official, and one county at a time!
Couldnt have articulated that any better! Becuase King County is such a bastion of Liberalism and democrats wont hesitate to "find another box of uncounted ballots anytime the elections there are close" its gonna take EVERY SINGLE GUN OWNER THERE to prevent Washington going the way of California. Get out there and vote or else your gonna loose your rights cause its all about the votes!
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