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I have a cow story and perhaps a word of warning. I used to keep cows and after a new calf was born in the field I had to go out and put an ear tag in the calf's ear and give it a needle, and if it was a bull calf I had to put the elastics on his testicles. The trick was to grab the calf before it got too old or you would never be able to catch it. Another thing to think about was that when the calf was only just born the mother is too protective. One time I wrestled down a mothers calf and was doing my thing. The mother had her snout in my face breathing like an angry bull on the bugs bunny show. I should have got on with what I was doing but instead I pet the mothers head. She hit me with her head and I flew backwards six feet. After that I learned to never touch the mothers when working on a calf.
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