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Originally Posted by PalmettoTree View Post
You are wrong. Any projectile entering the human body causes the body to absorb energy to stop it. The human body is largely liquid so that energy radiates a hydraulic effect. Granted the energy might be less from a hand gun but none the less the more energy a bullet has striking and entering the body the more energy radiated around it as it slows the bullet.

If that physics is wrong please show your proof.
The physics is mostly right...but as you yourself said, the energy involved in most handgun bullets isnít enough to do real damage as a result of hydraulics.

Making it moot. Pointless. Meaningless.

BTW, when I said mostly...itís because of your idea about how slowing the bullet causes more damage somehow. Nope. Once the bullet is slowed below a certain level, itís not doing ANYTHING beyond punching, or crushing, a hole.

In most handgun bullet examples, since energy transfer isnít really a thing, one would think a deeper hole, a longer wound track, would be preferable. Even if it comes out the other side, as you now have maximum blood loss for that one bullet. Of course, where that wound track is, is what determines how bad it is.

But the bullet that stays inside? There have been cases where the bullet actually plugged a blood vessel, and thus reduced bleeding. Thatís not a good thing, unless you are the guy on the table being worked on.
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