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Going to the big city of Show Low would only be a once a month or so proposition and my neighbor said the new Walmart in Taylor (and the area in general) has a better clientele. That is where he prefers to take his family for shopping.

The heat is actually less in our area of AZ then we have been dealing with for over 30 years of living in 29 Palms. While the cold in AZ will be worse, we still get below freezing here in 29 as well so do have experience and clothes to deal with both temp extremes.

In 29 we are the last gas for 100 miles and have always had to prepare for breakdown contingencies. Also have extensive experience with four-wheeling out in the middle of no where and the self-help aspects of doing so.

We just got back from spending 12 days at the property. Had the house further plumbed for LP (previously only a heater used it) and a 1000gal tank installed.
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