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Elliptical machine 1.4 miles

Sled (the pushing/pulling kind)
(Sled) x1
(45) x1
(90) x1
(115) x1
(not sure on the distance, its a good amount up and back. Great feeling, Hard, but great. Some were done push one direction, pull it back others push both ways)

Kneeling leg curl machine
(25) x5
(35) x6-5
(45) x4
(35) x4
(25) x5

Battle ropes x1-1-1-1 (sets were about 25 reps per arm) (first time using this, wasn't really impressed)

Standing ab machine
(60) x15
(30) x10 (rotational)
(60) x10
(70) x10
(35) x15-10 (rotational)

Seated one arm cable row
(50) 4x8

More sled work
(45) x1
(90) x1
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