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Default Someone spain the farming/recipe for smokeless tobacoo

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I'm familiar with growing/harvesting of burley which is used in the production of cigarettes. I'm also familiar enough to know it's not as easy as putting some dried burley in your mouth and getting any enjoyment from it (unless you like turning green and throwing up)

Does anyone here know what variety of tobacco is typically used for the smokeless, preferably dip, but chewing is fine also. Also, what is done during the growing, aging or processing as far as added flavoring or anything else that needs to be done to get similar results that you get from that bought in stores.

A side note. I've used the twist type tobacco like Mammoth Cave/King Bee and some others and while it will do, I would like something I won't have to use a knife to separate portions. Twist IMO is just a slight improvement from straight out of the field non improved gut wrenching tobacco. Not to offend those who like this type. It's just not for me.