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Originally Posted by zjlarson View Post
Call it cold, but your immediate household should always be your main concern. If your mother won't contribute, she is directly taking the food out of her grandchildren's mouths. Does she have any skills that would be valuable in post disaster world? In my rural area, a lot of of farm/ranch wives still know the ways of the old days. Years of patching up husbands, kids, farm/ranch hands. Some of the finest stitches I've ever seen, came from a farm wife's hands. Canning, medicinal wild plants, all that kinda old information. In a disaster tough decisions will have to be made, the old sadly, especially with no discernible skills, or preps, with medical issues won't be long for the mortal world. Young, able bodied, prepared, skilled, and intelligent will be the hot commodity.
I hope you reimbursed your mom for all the money she spent on you as you grew up.
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