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Originally Posted by dmas View Post
If you are on septic that can be overloaded. Include huge loads of laundry. Also power panel has limits and increased potential for fire. Fire safety like them having fire and co monitors and extinguishers. Fire spreads.
Visitors aren't working so have no income. May not have cash. Prepping for 1-2 is not bad but for an extended family it adds up.
Any on rx drugs? How will they get them far from home?
Good points here.

First, the septic tank. Coincidentally, just yesterday my wife suggested I get the septic tank pumped. It's been at least ten years and now's the time. Since you mentioned overload I think I'll rush it and call tomorrow.

Second is RX drugs. During Harvey my Pop only brought a few days of meds. He normally knows better but during the bugout he forgot to bring all of it. The local VA wouldn't resupply him because they're one of those contract VA facilities and since he didn't go there they wouldn't help. Bureaucratic nonsense really. He finally contacted Houston VA and they sent temp prescriptions for him. We wasted half a day on that.

All I know to do next time is for him to leave a little stash of meds when they visit. That way there's some kind of backup available. That and simply nag him before he leaves to not forget his meds.

It's sad when the kids have to nag their parents. I guess aging can be funny that way.

Lastly is cash, during Harvey I had plenty on hand and my parents did too. Lucky thing we did, when we were at the grocery store the atms all went down and it was cash only. We were one of the few customers that had cash. That was a real prepping win that day.
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