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Originally Posted by cook View Post
I did a search,got brain overload.
Don't need a BMW with bells and whistles,just a Toyota that will be reliable and get the job done.It will realistically sit on the shelf 99% of the time.

The biggest draw I need(want) is a regular house fridge,a 5000 btu window ac,and maybe a circular saw,not all at once.

From some general online charts it looks like a 1000w continous-1500 surge should cover it?

I want to avoid HF/wal-mart,but even some of the more recognized names have bad reviews if you click on enough links.

I'm able to pay"a few dollars more",but price doesn't always equal "best".

I have 2 gas generators,a dual fuel generator.also a modest solar set=up with a 500/750 invertor(harbor frieght,but it works),so just looking for a bigger back up to back ups.

Just looking for a nudge in the right direction,don't want to spend weeks trying to make a decision.
If you are using generators why do you need an inverter?
Are you also using batteries?
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