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Originally Posted by Roger Wilco View Post
Those were presumably unwanted weapons in people's homes. Weapons that did not end up in some gang, or some mass shooting, 15 thousand weapons that were not needed and properly disposed of, that presumably, without such a buy back, would have remained unnecessarily in circulation. Why would any one have a problem with the removal of those weapons? ...
If you wish to spend your own money in a vain attempt to keep a gang member from having a gun go for it. Just make sure that each unwanted gun you buy and destroy is properly handled. I am unwilling to contribute a nickle of my tax money into such feel good but useless gestures.

You do realize how utterly foolish your notion that these gun buy back stunts do anything to stop gang or mass shooting violence? I am frankly amazed that you could type such without laughing out loud at the naivety of it.
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