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Originally Posted by Nomad, 2nd View Post
Firearms are ON SALE right now.

Go buy a couple $300 Glocks, M&P's, or $250 Ruger P series, or $250 Smith Wheel guns, or $200 Rossi's.

$5-10 Gunshow box decent holster
3 mags or speed strips per.

2-4 boxes of ammo.

Test fire them, clean them, and place them to insure you can NEVER be disarmed.

do it without contacting anyone using the internet or your phone. Walk up to the table, those of us in states still free enough to do so, function test, pay cash and walk away.

Sadam allowed his Subjects to have fully automatic AK 47's of the type practically outlawed in this country (the few "registered" ones are high priced collectables.) and other weapons we cannot own.

But he SEVERELY restricted handguns because he was afraid of assisination.

In several instances I learned first hand some interesting cultural results:

I was left guarding "unknown background military aged males" in some number.

Faced with my machine gun they began to get adjitated.
Unable to point my barrel in several directions at once (across the room) I also pulled my pistol to point it generally at the side my weapon on a sling was not covering.

INSTANTLY they settled down.

After trying this several times on several different groups we started asking:

Every One had machine guns.

But only the secret police and similar had handguns, and they were used almost exclusively to "officially murder" people.
Basically.... Pffh, you have a machine gun too.
But when someone pulls out a HANDGUN It's now SERIOUS and someone's about to get KILT!!!

Different cultures, but it illustrates how the dictator fears the handgun.

Want step 2?

In similar manner but an anonymous scoped rifle.
Could be a <$200 Mossberg capable of <2MOA, could be a $100 sporterized milsurp.
If it comes with cheap glass, also for <$100 you can buy old weaver, redfield, or several generations out of date Leopold sscopes (not that there aren't other good brands.) That are WORLDS better than what snipers used in Vietnam or WW2 from those same Gunshow boxes.

Shoot a few rounds through it to check zero, toss your used brass into your campfire or melt with a cheap torch, and put it back away from your house where no one will ever take it from you. No need to store even 100 rounds with it as you would like "leave it lay" (covered in chemicals, or fire) after one or a few uses.

Up to you if you want to thread the barrel with a cheap hand tap and store it with an unused solvent trap. (I have fired legally registered examples. They work.)

Step 3:
Want to spend a little more money:
You can pick up an anonymous AR for $400 or less.
(If your live in an unfree state 80% examples exist.. But you should move.)
See previous advice (personally I'll spend more money for what I consider a better gun, but I'm not here to discuss tactics, or tools.)

Also, educate yourselves:

A ballpeen hammer will work, so will a single shot .45 'liborator " or a 9mm "deer gun" will.

...but wouldn't it be better not to start at the bottom!?

You should pass these tools on, but IMHO You should have a few spairs your willing to sacrifice (location lost with you) so that NO ONE can ever disarm you!

Subject or citizen, your choice.
Quoted simply for the value of reposting. Whomever hasnít read this, read it.
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