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1) There are things that are a messy game, and that just aren't totally easy for a sleuth to say something dispositive about with a single-sentence observation.

"Aha! But they couldn't have done it, because of who they were playing patty-cake with!"

Imagine if life really worked like that most of the time?

2) It seems that a lot of awful provocations that could really bother you, and really make you think someone's a threat, often just aren't mentioned by Trump, or many other leaders. It's like the President thinks he's sometimes only able to negotiate about part of a foreign nation's behavior at a time-- like just their missile program, or just their tariffs.

3) Iran makes a lot of war-mongering statements, and it's a lot to live up to. Maybe they have to step up to the plate sometimes, or risk their people losing faith.

Some of their latest was that the American ships sent to the area pose no threat, and could be easily destroyed. It's almost amazing that they put out this stuff. It sounds just like Saddam Hussein or North Korea.
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