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Originally Posted by real wowwee View Post
Do a search because I started a thread on the same topic pretty much, a houseboat as a BOL. Some thought it was doable others said it would just be a big target. An ocean going boat was pretty much approved of as ideal.
Houseboats would make a large target, but no larger than any other structure. The houseboat does have the advantage of being mobile, surrounded by a moat, and near plenty of water .

I see a lot of floating cabins on the Stikine River and some in protected bays and inlets. A compromise between a houseboat and an ocean going vessel that you might be interested in is a Higgins Army T-boat.

Here is a link to a craiglist add for one that is going for 40k, nice boat and like the add said it is somewhat bullet proof AND nuke proof O_o