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Originally Posted by Doc_Jon View Post
Put that thing in your safe. I like MK I and II Gerber knifes alot. 1 MK I and 2 MK IIs that are in excellent condition. I was looking for a used MK II on Ebay to add to a kit. I specifically wanted a used one since I was planning on abusing it. I knew the prices had gone up but was surprised how much. I have since retired the 3 knives to a safe and picked up a used spec-plus Kbar for an abuse knife.

For EDC I personally like a quality swiss army knife like a Victorinox Rangergrip. It doesn't draw negative attention

My 1982 MK II is in the safe. The MK I will join it now.

I have a couple current production MK IIs also. Not fond of the new serrations or the black finish but they are sharp and functional.
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