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Originally Posted by Truck Vet View Post
Hard to imagine that I would be trying to ditch a blade after using it. I think after something like that, and probably leaving the scene in haste and possibly covered in blood, and maybe leaving some of my own, acting coy would probably be the last thing I'd try.


If you have a knife on you that size in a City, (most cities, not all),
that's your first strike against you if they pick you up.

Some one IDs you, and the Jury knows you were carrying that type
knife, those idiots won't assume your a Prepper, they will think you
were up to no good.

Ditch the knife. Nothing coy about keeping your mouth shut.

Me? I can't imagine being in that situation in the first place.
I guess I don't find myself in many cities where I concern myself with hiding the fact that I carry a knife. Sometimes a medium sized fixed blade, which some city types may find disconcerting.
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