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Originally Posted by bigdogmom View Post
I am usually pretty snappy when people are rude or inappropriate with me, but I think the whole thing stunned me. Here I am, surrounded by military veterans, feeling very proud and I see a guy, in a wheel chair, off in the parking lot by himself and looking my way, so I approached him, thinking he needed something and that is the response I got. Threw me for a loop, so I walked away.

Oh...I did see that I typed he approached me. I actually went up to him. I was typing after a long day and was frustrated.

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People judge by first appearance even you. You saw him in his wheel chair himself and You thought he needed help and you approached him.
Yes it was rude to give you his opinion, maybe he was in a bitchy mode and wanted to be left alone.
I wouldnt think about it again.

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